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November 29 [Thu], 2012, 15:50
  I would not scabbard! Haiqing heard him say this has been true! Zheng ...... the coldness flash Jianqi pressing! The young man praised good sword ...Three hit the door, inside the inn, a pedestrian friends to watch dozens of individuals and these three individuals is simply the eyes should fall out.  Off Yunqing and Haiqing two people constantly attack Meiyi Zhao are to get the point, as long as there is a mishap is the sword easy road, the sword down and death of people! Yet still he is the young mans sword sophisticated but strange! See

No tricks is methodicalness, virtual real in a virtual! Real people do not see doorways! Off Yunqing and Haiqing almost ate his way! I see, Luo Wang taught the people inside are also waste ... Just at that moment, the young man sword out front, light big place, Dangdang, two people sword immediately landed! Haiqing silent, off cloudQing was furious but did not dare to attack, after all he hit a person also can not win, where there is a face to speak? I dare Xiongtai is where the expert? The Haiqing slowly Road. MAOERSHAN Wu Ming-chi! Green

Hand over a so years Yuehua Jian Shi a ceremony! Something happens in the body to leave the next not wait razed mountain Jianpai people respond to the already long gone! canada goose coats July 14, the weather today is sunny, faint clouds obscured the sky little sun, is the contest a great opportunity! Quatrain top of the heads still raging, thousands of people are sitting on the bench. These peopleOr small groups talk or shouted abuse! Phase will quatrain array of them end up many liangzi! There are a lot of people injured, dressing up seems and uncomfortable! Next to that big tripod is still the same fuel

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