March 20 [Thu], 2008, 8:57
On Monday, I arrived in Japan!!
I'm so tired, but I'm do hyper at same time
I wanna see my friends soon


March 10 [Mon], 2008, 7:23
Last week, I made cup cake in Food class
And I learned how to do icing
I love to do icing
It's so much fun
I learned hotw to make leaf, rose, star etc...
Rose was difficult
But I did pretty good job, didn't I?


March 02 [Sun], 2008, 22:18
As you know, my Cheer team is the second in city and we got a ticket to go to Provincial
I went to Provincial on Friday and Saturday
We left our school at 9:00am on Friday
It took more than 4 hour
I was tired
Basically, I don't like bus, so...
And we ate lunch
Some people swam
And we had mat time
In my hotel's room, there were 3 of my Canadian friends
They are very nice girls
I really enjoyed with them
Friday evening, we had a banquet
There were lots of Cheerleaders
And everybody was super cute
I think most cheerleaders are so cute
But not me, though, of course
Dancing was so fun
We don't dance in Japan, but Canadian loves dancing, I guess
Oh, some people competed for MP3
It was so funny
Music was "Soldier boy" or whatever
And... we went back hotel
Curling time!!
I'm not good at curl hair, so my friend did it for me
It was awesome
The next day was the competition day
I was nervous, but I did my best
I was kind of sick, but I shout!!
And I lost my voice lol haha
It was really good trip
Oh, result was....
We are the 4th in the province

To be nicer

February 26 [Tue], 2008, 19:36
Hey, guys
How are you doing?
I am tired as usually
But I feel good today, because I look nicer than
usual haha
I borrowed hot curler from Noma yesterday
I need it for cheerleading, but I just wanted to
curl my hair, so I got up 5:00 this morning and
I curled my hair
It took one and half hour, though
But I liked my hair

Also my clothes was cute today

I just bought them on Sunday
I was not going to buy clothes for me, but it
was too cute, so I couldn't stand
Anyway, I like today's mu fashion


February 23 [Sat], 2008, 16:08
Just few hour ago, I finished my second TOEFL
It was awful
I think last time was better
I had only 3 reading, but I had 9 listening
Anyway, I finished my TOEFL in Canada
By the way, I will go to provincial (SHU TAIKAI) of
cheerleading next week
I'm so excited
On Feb. 16th, I had a competition
As you know(I think you know haha), total 7 or 8
people quit our team
But We are the second in Edmonton
I'm so happy about that
I don't have any great memory of sport in Japan
Because I was not serious about sport or club
Also I'm not good at team sport
Therefore I'm very very very happy about this
CHEER is awesome
My medal


February 13 [Wed], 2008, 19:40
I tried to write everyday, but I'm busy, so it's
hard to write everyday...
Why I am busy is that I have Cheer, Bio,
German's project and... TOEFL
I'm very scared to take TOEFL, though
Because I don't have much time and energy to
study for TOEFL
Today, I had Cheerleading
It was OK
Just I hit my face to my friend's back
It was super dooper hurt
I was crying, though hahaha
Everybody said to me, "Are you OK?"
I was OK, actually
But now, my neck is hart
I guess I hurt my neck when I hit my face
By the way, maybe you think I was unlucky today
But today's title is "Lucky"
Because of after Cheer
I was waiting bus after cheer
Usually "express bus" doesn't stop our bus stop
But today kind driver stoped bus for us
Thank you
And I usually take 6:45's bus, but previous bus was
late, so I could take bus at 6:30
It's very small thing, but I felt lucky


February 05 [Tue], 2008, 19:56
I went to Cheer leading practice today
My team has 23 people, but there were only 19
I was like what's happen
Because the first competition is this Friday
Yesterday, we were taking about that competition
We will join or not...
Actually, I couldn't stay whole discussion, but my
one of cheer mates told me that we will join and
My teacher said, "This 19 members will compete
this Friday! Not anyone else. Only this 19 people"
I was like what's going on
Anyway, we have to change our performance
I was just surprised about everything
But I can do this
I have to practice more and more
I'm kind of looking forward to this Friday
It will be my first Cheer competition
I have joined track & field and tennis
However this is different, because this is
team sport
We have to trust each members
I know it is difficult, but we have to do it
Anyway... LET'S DO THIS


February 03 [Sun], 2008, 9:52
I wrote about yesterday
But for some reason it's gone
So... Just I wanna say

New Semester

February 01 [Fri], 2008, 20:54
My second day of semester 2 is over
So far, everything is awesome
The first period is Japanese10
I got Hiragana chart haha
I stuied Hiragana when I was in kidergarten
My Japnese teacher is funny
I like him
I think I can enjoy this class very much
The second class is Bio
I like Bio
But my class has too much students, so perhaps
my teacher will kick off me
Because... I will take class just for one and half
I hope he won't do that
The third is German
It is fun
I have to remember numbers
eins, zwei, drei, vier..... etc
Ich bin Eri
Ich bin siebzehn
It's so sweet
I will be trillingual hahaha
The fourth class is Food
I will make cake
I love Canadian school
I don't wanna go back to my school in Japan


January 29 [Tue], 2008, 21:06
I watched "Game Plan"? with my host family
It is one of Disney movie
It was very good movie
It is about dad and daughter
Ah, I wanted good father, really
I don't have any good memories with my dad
I have great mom, so I'm OK
But... I think dad is important, too
My host brother is lucky
He has such a great dad
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