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March 05 [Sun], 2006, 2:44
yesterday wasgirl's festival~~~ hehehe!!
did u guys remember about that?? i did **
last nite corey(krys's boyfriend) came over~~he worked untill nine. so we were watching the TV 8:30. yeah,i almost fell sleep~~ HAHA so i went to bet to have nup. When i woke up..... what do u think,,,,?? it was almost pm11:00;;
they watched movie(yours and mines or something like that.)i was so sad.....i missed the movie(;_q) oh well++ anyway!! happy 18th birthday!!COREY!!
guess what?!! my shoot#1 is almost finish!! i have to fix some picture, but it is not hard to work!! many people are still working the shoot#1. I proud of myself(>*<)v HE HE
Today i will show you some pictures. oh i forgot to ell you. i got light brouwn streaks january lol i thought"oh i look like..... BAD GIRL " but now i like this## but i will dye my hair again sometimes this manth.
this is my hostfamily** i love this family~~~

this one is me and Shy!!!! Luv ya ww


February 23 [Thu], 2006, 9:55
ya ya ya CUPE's strike is off eh??everyone was talking about the strike today. it was about retire problem.CUPE is big big group.cleaner people?for special class's teacher and cousilor.they are part of CUPE.
so some stupid people did stupid things.they put shit all over the washroom's wall....ha ha ha


February 18 [Sat], 2006, 23:59
we had snowdays this week.2 snowdays!!!! hohoho~~~i!! can u believe that??lol
i was too lazy those 2 days lol krys and I watched "Just like heaven" i love the movie ww so nice!! i laughed so many times when i was watching the movie!! (^^*)
BTW!! my valentain's day was good!!! rylee bought me a flower!!! blue flower!! it was so beautiful!! i luv it!! i took picture~~ HAHAHA~~
in my jazz band,i got SOLO!! the music is 4 trumpet solo!! i will play that in exciting!!! i luv ya!! ms.brenneman!!!!!! we will go to amusument park, shopping and...........many places!! i forgot lol i will share room with rebecca!!!! she is nice!!and cutie~~hehe
i have to go~~ya. BYE now!!


February 12 [Sun], 2006, 3:24
a....ya lol
2nd semester is start!! i changed my classes again...cuz i have to take ESL class!!this class is English as Second Laungage course.this class is 4 exchange students. i wanted to have this class in 1st semester lol but..oh well. and also i changed my english(normal)one too. cuz i dunt need to have 2 english classes!! i have photography again**i'm so happy ww i love to taking pictures~~hahaha
and there are 2 new japanese students!! yui and sota.they are nice!!yayaya!!
today i got paccage from my teacher in japan. there is one magazine about university and college.i wanna go to music university!!!but to go university is really expencive~~~BOOOO


January 27 [Fri], 2006, 23:59
exam is over!!(just music lol) but i m so exciting to go toronto~~i will goto CN tower and Casa Roma**and Eaton center!!CN tower is tallest tower in the world~~!!!!!i'm so exciting**i read the magazine about there. the magazine says casa roma is magic place+++WOOO!!and i m so exciting to go shopping!! i made shopping list already lol i need to buy many things!! i dunt have many clothes lol in japan i have to wear uniform to go skewl. i think that's why i dunt have many clothes. krys has many many many clothes~~~i think many canadian girl they love their clotheslol oh,BTW. i have fashion design class next semester!! i think i will make PJs!! i need more PJ lol so i will make!! and i will make one 4 friend.
OH,,, i can't think about parenting's exam now lol but it is coming!! i have to study sunday and monday!!!BUT;;some people said it will be snowday!! monday or tuesday~~oh PLEASE dunt do that....we had 3 snowdays already. so i missed school 3 days. BOOOOOOOO okay i g2g.SEE YA!!!


January 27 [Fri], 2006, 10:37
you know what??tomorrow i have EXAM!!!!ouioui!! i m not nurvous. cuz i have music's exam...i dunt like to do theory,,, i didn't understand,, but i went to ms brenneman's many times for help. so now i m better!!! i m understand almost!!but today i was really confusing!! you know why??i was forgetting how to do whole scale!!lol but krys's friends helped me on MSN!! lol now i got it!!
hahaha~~~ saturday i will go to toronto with krystal and her boss!!i m so exciting!!!!

oh wow 

January 22 [Sun], 2006, 4:31
oh wow!! i can write this again!! lol
cuz i got new password!!! now i m staying with DeMayer family. they are really nice people.there are host dad murray, host mom julie, host sister krystal, host brother Kody!!and 2 dogs and cat(isis,rocky,princess) they are really niceww i love this family ww also i will write about my hostf in japanese someday.(cuz i can't write and read japanese now lol)
OOOOOH!!!! you know what? Finally!!EXAM is COMING!!!ohohohohohohoh.....i m worry about that,.,,,, cuz my parenting's mark is little bad,,,but if i get good mark on exam,the mark will be,,,, (^^)v so i m studying!! also i have to study my music!! it's easy if i remember how to do theory but ,,,you know? my memory is bad like krystal lol lol
oh!! me,krystal,ashley,rylee and murray we mage board game!!! and we got 96%!!!!!!!!!(parenting) we worked really hard..... that's why we got really good mark!!!! anyway, i have to go. see ya!!!!


December 11 [Sun], 2005, 8:51


December 09 [Fri], 2005, 7:11
今日は何があったかなぁぁん★お昼にドラッグストアへ行った♪Cold soreの薬を買いに(^^人)どれも高くてショボーンヾ(。。)ちっちゃなチューブに7ドル使ってしもうた。。治るといいんだけど(>Å<)本当に見た目なんまら悪いし(ぷつぷつなってる。。。)、笑うと痛いし喋るのも痛いしあくびなんて豪快にできません笑 んなもんだから今日はショボンの日なのです楽しくても笑顔できず(;_;)こういう日に限って楽しいことが起こるのです笑 ペアレンティングではプレゼンテーションだったから大きい声でとか言われるし大きい声で読むと何処で区切ればいいかすらわかんなくなってみなさん笑って聞いてるし(#3#)音楽ではシャイとリズがバービーのように笑おうよの会を発足して参加したけど痛くて続けれず笑 写真ではビッシーと筆箱交換して”Have a good night”といって解散ワラ ビッシーは本当に変なんです(´∀`人)笑 可愛くてカッコいい感じでバスケ少女でサバサバ系♪しかも頭良いってかセンスいい★でも変なの(´M`笑)なんて言ったらいいのかわかんないけど変なの☆笑 ノリがいいんだなきっと 
そうそう。先週ホストパパさんが鹿をゲットしたんです♪雄の鹿☆全部の内臓をとってガレッジに吊るしてあるんですょねぇぇ。。。写真撮っちゃったб(@∀@笑)せっかくだし笑 ってかなんで写真載せれないんだろうまゃゃんからのお願いなのにぃ笑 ってかまじcan not find….とかいうページでてパニックです☆笑


December 08 [Thu], 2005, 7:34
したらリーが”OH!!Henri!! Kanako has trouble!!”(ちなみにメディアの人の発音はカナクォ。ワラ) ”
Huh? Did you say Oh! Henri or Oh! Mr.Henri?? Anyway, Kanako, what kind of trouble do you have??”
”Oh〜Hohohoho!!! Kana~ko”
”Lee always makes trouble!!”
”YES!!!” “He does!!” everyone said same things. lol  
とにかく一致団結でうけた笑 それとヘンリーさんのジョークも笑 
CANAKO★高2で今カナダに留学中(´∀`*) 色んな人と出会うのと新しく学ぶことが大好きですww 札幌の寒さもカナダの寒さに負け気味なんだゎさ;笑
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