Once Again.. I have been Moved

August 22 [Sun], 2010, 14:29
As expected, this Japanese Blogsite has too many restrictions due to the language differences.. So, I am moving to


End of work. Start of nightmare

August 21 [Sat], 2010, 1:09

After more than 3 months of working at SIM, it is finally time to rest. Today is really my last day at SIM and I would like to thank my colleagues in both Exam and CA department. They had been wonderful colleagues and my stay at SIM can never be better:) No matter how much I want, today might be the last time we meet.

No more waking up early. No more shivering in air-con. No more pretending to be preoccupied when there is really nothing to do. These may not be as good as they sound . With no work, I think I would wake up everyday with nothing ahead of me. I wouldn't like that because I would definitely have wild thoughts and from past experience, such thoughts definitely spell trouble.

I don't like to be free. I need to work and keep working, so that I don't seem that pathetic being alone.

Recently, there are a lot of people telling me to get a date soon. Seriously, do I look that desperate?!?! Like what I've told my tuition kid, finding a date is very difficult for an average Joe like me. So, I don't look for a relationships now or in the near future. I enjoy singlehood. I can even wish the best for all couples now. No more jealousy.

I wish school will start soon

I hope I can get over her soon and I can draw again. I miss drawing :)

Jammy Jam

August 19 [Thu], 2010, 8:52
I am now stuck in a jam. I don't particularly like jams, as in the food. But I do like the cars stuck on the road kind of jam.

People usually associates traffic jams with negative things like running late and or boredom. You get stuck in a vehicle that doesn't particularly smell good or even look good. And you would be stuck with dozens of people who would add no value in your life, if you are taking a public transport but there you are estranged in a metal box somewhere.

After how I have described traffic jams, I may sound crazy if I would say I enjoy such jams, but I do. Being stuck in a jam means I have more drown-in-my-iPod-touch time. I can watch what the people in the cars outside do to vent their frustration or defeat their boredom. It's pretty interesting. Occasionally, I blog, like now.

Speaking of which, I am out of the jam >.<

Strands of Woes

August 16 [Mon], 2010, 0:24
Have been sick recently and that is definitely not helping me with so much work lying in front of me. Damn it why does this happen only now? when school is about to start?!?!

Haven't been sleeping very well nowadays partly due to the stuffiness in my nose but also because of the stress from all the work my club has for me. Seriously I am starting to doubt if I can succeed the role of a vice president in the coming academic year. Maybe I shouldn't risk the future of the club. Nonetheless, I will work so hard for the coming semester that all my time will be devoted into getting my grades while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and of course earning some quick bucks :p So, girlfriends are out of the question. I have no energy or desire left to find a soulmate now that I am starting to enjoy singlehood sincerely. just like what they say, 'who needs a girlfriend when you have a good pair of hands' *sorry to those underaged readers, if there are any to begin with :p*

The coming week will be crazy and I certainly hope that the rest of the holidays will be real holiday and of course, JAC-free *hint hint* XPPP Before they come, I hope my body doesn't give up on me before the camp starts. Age has wrecked me in the face and left me half dead by now. Damn.

Speaking of that, my physical strength is getting worse by the day. Probably because I am still sick with flu, my recent visit to the gym has proven to be too physically challenging for me now. Just a short 30 minutes workout on Saturday and I still hasn't recovered from the muscle ache. I need milk! I need milk!

Finally Jolin's album, Myself, is out. I cant wait to have my copy when they finally have it in Singapore!

Action (愛ㄚㄚㄚ) 你和我在這場戲 (愛ㄚㄚㄚ) 超乎想像Fantasy

I just realised that I didn't mention anything that was relevant to the title XPP I got a haircut today and here's a photo of myself. Gosh, it looks weird but haiz... no amount of photoshop could save it, so here it is :)


August 14 [Sat], 2010, 1:07







真真假假 分不清楚

August 13 [Fri], 2010, 10:05

This the 16th movie that I've watched alone, Inception. It's one of the best movie that I've watched in recent years. It's a movie that made me think.

I am not exactly smart, so I hate watching movies or reading books that need me to think. But since my sister said that Inception was nice, so I gave it a shot.

The main gist of the movie is that more often than not, people will get lost between what's real and what's their ideal projections. of course, I believe that that happened too many times too often to too many people.

Who actually knows what's real and what's imaginary? Do we all have our own totem to tell us we're actually awake and not in our own or someone else's dream? And if we were dreaming, are we in control or being controlled? If we're in control, are we being controlled to be in control? All these sound mind-boggling and I do not wish to think if all these are even true. Maybe I am just dreaming, with myself controlling the me in the dream to write this post. I myself is getting confused now :p

Anyway, I was approached by a talent scout again for the 6th time. I really think that I have a tattoo on my face that I didn't know of, one that says 'I am effing dumb and gullible, come cheat my money!'... I need to look smarter


August 13 [Fri], 2010, 0:53
I had a sudden realisation today. The older I get, the more daring I become and the younger I dress myself. Today, because of my bad nose block and fiesta del mucus, I had to wear a mask to work. Wearing a mask sounds like nothing wrong but it was no ordinary mask. It was the cute cute Korean kind of mask. I had no idea where the courage came from but I put on the cute mask for the whole day. I think I am going crazy.

If you think that is my limit, behold. After I came home from work, I went to fetch my sister from her tuition at Novena and I wore this super cute (and of course, attention seeking) cap that I got from Otaku House a few days ago. It was a cosplay item. I think it's a cap from some anime character but in any case, it is a simple blue baseball cap... WITH two cute little wings on the side. I may probably post a photo up soon, maybe tomorrow at work XP

I guess what people say about when one gets older, one would wants to be young once again even more is true. At least for me, it is.

In an Unlikely Place

August 12 [Thu], 2010, 8:43
While I was on my way to work just now, I noticed a balloon floating randomly along the main road outside my house. I was still waiting for my bus to arrive so I couldn't help staring at the balloon.

Cars were whizzing past the balloon in both directions as if they were all rushing off to somewhere. Probably because of the turbulence created by the different velocities, the balloon was swayed in all kinds of random directions. It was quite an awkward yet familiar view. in this urbanized chaos, I wouldn't expect to see a balloon floating in the air.

I appreciate such awkwardness in an unlikely place. That sense of familiarity comes from my very own experience. On a buzzing street of acquaintances and strangers, I always feel this sense of out-of-place-ness. I don't feel as if I can blend into the group. I used to be afraid of such horrible feeling but now I've learnt to appreciate it, to savour such unique emotions.

Being out of place doesn't mean I am different, I just prefer to feel the world in my own way that many others don't


August 10 [Tue], 2010, 23:27
働きすぎから、今風邪を引いた。頭と体もとても痛いなあ(?_?;)もっと寝るのが要ると思う。 仕事が終わってから、よく休まなければならない…(; ̄O ̄)学校が始めるときには、休みの時間がないと思う。


August 09 [Mon], 2010, 0:00
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