, handsome Bandit will change his mind?

April 20 [Wed], 2016, 22:57
After the end of the game, Atletico fans also contribute warm scene. Although Torres did not play, but collective Atletico fans chanting his name. Fans are grateful for Torres's goal from the first leg, and hope the Club his contract. Torres ' contract expires in the summer, fut coinWestern media said Simone refused to leave Fernando Torres. T9 condition in the near future so fabulous, Simonyi will change his mind?

Cork sent diagonal Torres accurate anticipation and movement, chesting homeopathy out of Defense, back in double-double, goalkeepers hold onto the near post cases, cool slice shot dead. Dipped in the closed area, whether it is left or right flank, Torres scoring very high success rate.Look at similar goals for Liverpool times. After the receiving the diagonal, Torres is clever, will strike the goalkeeper and defenders cheat, Dain the area dipped to score. Takes the ball on the first deal with Torres is absolutely world class. Both had even stopped, also was a feint, to trick the defenders, to find shooting space effects.

Koch closed out the scoring, assists from Torres, the T9 on the right running, swept the ball into the door, Koch's header into the net. La Liga reporter Kierland-canning praise: Cork's goal was Torres ' personal 100% show, speed, perfect ball, delicate Cross assists. ESPN even Outlook, Torres such phenomenal 2016 European Championship game? In fact, T9 feeling much better than when the Euro 2012, Torres play well also got 4 years ago European Golden Boot award, Spain also won the ... April 5-1 win over Betis Sunday Atletico Madrid, Torres's goal to break the deadlock; 1-2 in the Champions League defeat to Atletico, Torres scored 15 Barcelona scored 11 goals away to Spain and scoring blows of the T9 outlaws back Horn. Torres scored 3 games in a row, this is after his January 2015 return to Atletico Madrid for the first time. Last 11 matches, Torres harvest in 6 games.

Torres, now the outbreak came at the right time. T9 wants contract extension to stay at Atletico Madrid. In January, the outgoing Simone West media would not renew message T9, T9, recently scoring, handsome Bandit will change his mind? In our hearts the truth, Atletico should renew Torres, who is a legend here, not to mention, Atletico Madrid 42 million euros to sell Jackson Martinez after hengda, pure 9th, Torres was the only one. FIFA ban means that Atletico cannot signings, so get the renewal Torres!Buy Now