We spend the night here tonight

November 13 [Wed], 2013, 12:54
Chapter 143 of the summer routine at Unbelievable Angel carrying a log a few people did not take long, the storm came. Luckily, cabins although rudimentary, but the quality is very excellent. Perhaps the original construction will encounter when taking into account the sake of this bad weather, the wooden roof, windows and doors have been specially reinforced over, the overall structure is very solid. So even blustery storm raging outside Tianhundian moon light sand mud horse leaves countless plastic bags flying in the sky, inside the house is also very safe. Well, Ramirez did not put some sort of guru to bring convenience at the same time causing a large white pollution of the polymer compounds in Zhuoer Li Wen "invented" out, so I finally imposed on the go in just to rhyme, please Do not seriously. Magic lamp house can not be the kind of extravagant lighting tool, just ordinary candles. In order to save oxygen course this is only the surface of the grounds specified only point of a Shia Allie, then, and with the crowd sitting around a table placed near the candle. "It appears half past one would not be stopped." Ellie Shia cheek propped his hands said, "We spend the night here tonight to prepare it." "There is no do ah? For the first day of boating collision the monster attacks do not say, and now even storms join in the fun? "Cecilia V in the face of boredom on the desktop," I look forward to the summer style and romance all gone, even the bath can not do. " "I want to take a bath, then go stand on one minute, keeping you washed clean." sitting at the table of the central tea mercury Road. Ignored two eyes are flashing with dynamic light and stare at this calm and ignore mercury lamp Cecilia, Angel coughed road then we should be glad that Allie bracelet Shia adults there are many potable water, even if this kind of weather for several days would not have to worry the food problem. So as long as you can be at ease waiting for the storm, do not worry but it looks like you have a bit worried look no ah. Because Shia adults acquainted with Ellie yet? "No mistake is not the word jump. [I am not calm mobile warehouse ah Hey there I did not teach such skills but their self-taught ah] Lolita Clap your hands everybody listen to me proposed Road Huayin, release the bird dill Li capsule night that you are not just feed you no matter if you do not care for? Are you being a cross-flow of saliva lily woman holding ah cough Well uh, if we just innocently waiting a bit too boring, so I would suggest that we all horror stories in terms of what? "" woo babble? horror stories? "Michelle apparently suddenly leaned a shrink," Now this case is not right? without many words, "[Me. Michelle looks very afraid of such stories look ah, then just put a good scare her some comfort her, then let Ilya last two people in an atmosphere ripe Xuan laying ah, just found it very interesting to think about a] small LORI ghoulishly Hey a laugh No, no, it is in the current situation it is very suitable for this tell horror stories ah. Think about it, here is a desolate uninhabited island, a group of naive boys and girls play some board to prepare, but unexpectedly on the island suffered a terrible monster variation. In their desperate escape on occasion, a sudden violent storm has blocked the route to the outside world and bring them trapped. Then the monster began frantically attacked the crowd, one after another fresh life will just die down in the monster's claws, and then eaten by them shredded. In desperation to come forward with a brave boy stood out, he encouraged us not to give up, then arrange all defensive stronghold on the island to establish and collect water fight with the monster. Survived a heroic young girls and teenagers attracted by the charm, they also become more affectionate. Just when everyone was again successfully resisted the attacks of the monster that they can stick to the rescue soon, young girls and also made a promise to marry after time, the total production of these monsters appeared BOSS is actually the island itself , the island is a great original Warcraft dew back on the sea monster just those parasites Warcraft Bale. Warcraft wake but also intensified the monster breeding Worse Warcraft began to swim to feeding almost no ship through the deep zone. Anxiously waiting for the rescue of boys and girls so caught up in a more desperate situation, eventually engulfed the mass of monsters, killing all spared. The World of Warcraft is also returned again after satiation shallow sleeping area, and monsters have begun to quietly await the next batch of those less fortunate. Now, then turn North Face Gore Tex Discount our puff "Then Ellie suddenly blew out the candles would Shia." Yeah, "Michelle got into a screaming next to Ilya's arms. [Oh, very good effect of it .] Allie Shia giggle incessantly, re-lit the candles Dao'an friends Ann matter, it's just I'm just talking nonsense. "" Indeed, the plot than most third-rate Hollywood script a hundred times worse. "mercury still maintained an elegant tea posture road. "To you tube" Cecilia grabbed the candle into the smiling face of a very fun way to go, then I have to cough hum legend, in this piece of an oasis in a sea, there is a very powerful man named Jack pirate captain. However, Captain Jack even though strong enough to have Wangfengertao Imperial Navy extent, but it is the generation of ruthless indifference, and even to treat men as well. Finally one day, mutinous crew killed Captain Jack, and then poured into the captain's room to rummage his weekdays plundered treasure. However, the crew did not even a gold coin, but do find a treasure map kraft paper. According treasure map shows the treasure was hidden in a Captain Jack uninhabited island cave. The crew scrambling to come to the island, and for the riches pocketed launched a massive fights. In plotting a rebellion led forces mate had the last laugh, they dropped a former companion's body, covered in blood came to the cave. Where they successfully piles of treasure, but in the crowd two red pounced go, Captain Jack cloth under the authority launched. It was a terrible dark magic, it can kill the living after they become cursed undead. So these tragic dead hovering near the treasure guarding it, and will clear all close to island life. The curse will spread also been killed dead person would eventually come to the same fate. Thus, these wandering souls still watching over Captain Jack's treasure, and kill any person close to the island, and even fish in the sea. During the day we saw the souls of the fish monster, that way, "" too, which means we are now in the buried treasure on the island do? "No mistake is not the word jump. Michelle shivering in 伊利亚怀里瑟瑟 road," Woo babble I do not want to become the kind of ugly appearance ah "[Is it because of the horror stories too sensitive to stay natural attributes which temporarily disappeared CANADA GOOSE SNOWSUIT brains turn particularly fast are you? And your place is not afraid to get fed up ah? Also Cecilia you really have not seen a series of films about pirates Why?] looked at the eyes of the crowd ambiguous blushed but hugged his arms Ilya refused to come out from Michelle that startled and frightened shy effeminate appearance, Allie Shia suddenly sprouting whole people have been turned. "yo, Ilya. "Little Lolita seriousness asked gently hugged opposite Michelle Elia," You do not hard? "" Pop "side because storytelling thirsty and sip tea Cecilia is to spray the spot, but looks a little two parties did not understand the way. LORI prepared in a small exaggeration to continue to tease going down monthly song suddenly leave the seat went to the wall, the pointy ears stick up silenced "" Moon Song You're not going out went on to say there are many malicious footsteps, right? without many words, "Allie Shia Khan, "In only hear the wind and rain today this trick to frighten people can indeed work, but you do not feel too old-fashioned?" no wrong is not the word jump. While holding the capsule night at feeding Hua tone suddenly sniffed nose, frowned Road na, you have not smelled terrible stench? "Ellie Shia immediately realized that the situation was wrong, she hastily blew out the candle low voice everyone Hush" Everyone stood up immediately into a corner by the edge, side by side in silence. Apart from his mouth because of extreme fear and unconsciously issued a "whining" sound Michelle. In his ear close to the wall, the crowd gradually hear some body heavy huge creature stepped foot on the ground, the sound Youyuanerjin slowly away. And look at this from the direction of the sound guy from the other side of the sea, coupled with sound Li mentioned stench, not the kind of monster would daytime yes? Soon the crowd he wanted to understand, and only tension over Michelle still shivering. This girl is very calm when faced monster or I should say the natural ability to see it before anyone else and promptly respond undead, but will not see the monster under the influence of the surrounding atmosphere scared Liushenwuzhu. Quite lovely a response. Do not let Michelle schematically Ilya sound after Allie Shia continue to listen to the monster's footsteps. [Heck, just going to play with the summer routine Unbelievable Assembly, did not think the story of the monster actually really appeared Lockley Pu Stevenson went really stir the base yet? Ah, the good will and his radical friends peeping on us being together? No word] monster came many huts outside stopped, then began Timberland Shoes circling around the house, seems to be in doubt as there will be a very unique objects like. Outside the heavy footsteps and now even without Tieqiang can hear clearly, people all screen sound of gas, for fear of being each other. Mercury punch Allie Shia made a cut gesture, which quickly shook the monster ashore the previous day is not only this one, if there is a subsequent case it is more worse? At this point, the monster suddenly decided to test the front of this strange object, it suddenly against the wooden walls pat a claw. Chalet naturally did not respond, but Michelle is like a thunder-like sound that was enough snapped her nerves. So too frightened Michelle opened her mouth, seeing would be called out.
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