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June 26 [Tue], 2012, 10:44
in the year of 1946, in order to resist the economic recession of post-war, LV Company began to invest up-to-date other fields besides the field of suitcase design.After five years, Louis Vuitton provided the President of France with all the travel items he needed when Louis vuitton handbags he took on his journey to the United States.While up-to-date 1959, the reform of canvas industrial technology replica louis vuitton handbags provided a more extensive supply of raw materials for suitcase production. LV Company launched a series of "letter combination" style of bags fake louis vuitton handbags again. From 1959 to 1965, there were 25 kinds of bags and totally 175 series bags came on the sense.latest the year of 1968, Louis Vuitton settled its selling center fashionable Tokyo, Japan. modern 1977, LV opened its branch company stylish Saudi Arabia. up-to-date 1978, Louis Company established its branch companies modern Tokyo and Osaka.One day latest the year of 1983, Louis Vuitton cooperated with Louis Vuitton outlet the America Cup Rowing Race Competition, and created the "LV Cup Rowing race". During the process of LV Cup, the player, who competed up-to-date a knockout, should compete with louis vuitton fake handbags the winner of the America Cup of the previous year. fashionable the same year, LV opened its first store modern Taipei, Taiwan.modern 1984, the Louis Vuitton store opened fashionable Seoul, and a series of "Epi leather" came out on the mart stylish the following louis vuitton replica year. in 1987, LV and Hennessy companies merged to form the famous "Moet Hennessy - Louis Vuitton Group "LVMH Group"From then on, LV became the famous luxury way brand of bags and replica louis vuitton wines.fashionable 1993, LVMH launched "Yaiga"series of bags, the main design of this bag was black discount Louis Vuitton leather, and it aimed at male consumers. The year of 1996 is 100 anniversary of the birth of canvas series bags. LVMH began to publicize their interior decorators vigorously.modern the year of 2004, LV Company celebrated its 150 anniversary in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The above is the whole development of Louis Vuitton. As we can see, the development is not so cheap louis vuitton handbags smooth. Today, LV has a fine good reputation fashionable the international market, and it deserves the popularity it has up-to-date the current buy louis vuitton handbags time.Buying a Louis Vuitton monogrammed Vernis purse is an investment latest your fashion future. The LV and four pointed flower monogram are famous world-wide. modern fact, the Louis Vuitton brand name is one of the louis vuitton outlet online expensive names latest the world, products notwithstanding. However, as much as carrying a brown and beige Louis Vuitton monogrammed purse is a manner statement par excellence, you are still carrying around louis vuitton online a brown and beige purse. It doesn't go with the little black dress and it is too classy for the nightclub louis vuitton handbags sale scene. Thankfully, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis steps in to fill this louis vuitton handbags online necessary way gap.This line of purses and Pocketbooks combines the iconic Louis Vuitton outlet store monogram of Louis Vuitton with the shiny vernis lacquered finish that became popular stylish France during the reign of Louis XV. Originally it was a copy of the Chinese lacquer that was all the range with the rich and powerful of the Continent. Today Lv has made this style his own. The Vernis bags glow. Not only is does the lacquer produce cheap replica louis vuitton hand a high gloss shine, but it still allows the original richness of the leather to shine through. The leather is not the standard brown though. It comes modern red, orange, blue, green, pink, and black. Vernis bags are black; any combination of color would make the jewel tones overwhelming. The monogram is stamped into the leather and the glossy finish allows it to pop out when the light hits it true. This way you can carry the genuine Louis Vuitton bag without having to conform to the original Louis Vuitton style.
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