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February 08 [Fri], 2019, 10:29


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1:34 are you s u r e about that

Inhumans looks....OK. Didn't expect Lockjaw there. That was kinda cool.


This is marvel lol....I thought this was fake throughout the whole thing...

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lladro welcome to the family


welcome to the garden sign


You haven't seen The Rundown???!! Dude.. what are you waiting for!! And then give us the deserved Honest Trailer..

Looks like a 90's B-tier show; think Hercules or Xena. This trailer doesn't look nearly as bad as all the whining pretends it does. That said, it doesn't look good either, but the over the top screaming by people is pathetic..

never heard of inhumans before but I think they've actually been here for real more longer than we realise.

just finish AoS season 4 and really excited for this one. 30 minutes in and I already yawning. why medusa looks like just got out of plastic surgery?.


Trashed movies get out funk stop watch !!!

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Where is daisy johnson, Yo-Yo, and other inhumans from marvel's agent of shield???

jumanji: welcome to the jungle movie full movie

meh.. could be better, could be worse. unimpressed. Blackbolt is the single more self controlled individual in Marvel... hell, across comics in general. there is no way that he'd let out even a gasp, unless he wanted to..

okay ramsay
Can anyone tell me how is this show compared to agents of shield ? Is daisy Johnson as strong as the characters in this show ?.
This looks insanely bad lmao
welcome to the new cd

jumanji: welcome to the jungle movie cast

I think; if im remembering right, that someone in the potc franchise said this movie is part one of the franchise's finale. There should be a part 2. Part 1 finished Jack's story off and part 2 should conclude Will's story. I can be remembering wrong though, i can't even remember from who and where i heard that..

Pourquoi Flèche Noire n'a pas de masque ? ! ? Ca doit être pour ne pas gâcher la jolie belle petite gueule de l'acteur des films Marvel. Mais ça gâche tout! ! !.
Jumanji:+Welcome+to+the jungle
Wait, when Bolt was attacked and he hmht!, was it really letting his voice out? It's more like just breathing out of his mouth.


welcome to the world onesie
Jumanji:. Welcome... to. the? Jungle & English. Full, Movie - Mojo! Watch - Online
Thus, You will help the new viewer to make a choice, to watch this film or not.
This was a hilarious commentary! Also great job on the Honest Trailer for Jumanji.
It is confirmed,the show is shit, we were right all along


Spent the weekend watching the blade runner series and god is it slow and boring
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Jumanji: & Welcome... to & the, Jungle, movie viooz
Out of curiosity, I kinda want to know what these guys' favorite straight to DVD movies are. Can straight to Dvd movies technically be guilty pleasures? I don't know, but I do know that everyone I ever met seems to have one..

Jumanji:, Welcome… to. the. Jungle. English, Full & Movie - Online

Ramsay Bolton has had better moments than that. Poor guy... being eaten by his own dogs is easy life compared to this..

Finally out!!!!!




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