hello jo :) 

2005年11月27日(日) 18時04分
hi hi~
i'm sure you're the only one who reads this besides random japanese people so yeah. it's too bad i didn't get to see you during the thanksgiving dinner. i was about to walk in eric's when i saw jamie. i kind of froze in my spot. i was like...ummm...am i trippin or what?? anyway i didn't want to go in there and act fake around her so i just left. my apologies for not seeing you but i'm not too worried cuz imma be back in about a week...lol yeah. so i'll see you then k? bye bye!


2005年11月13日(日) 14時31分
I am so bored. you can't even imagine. All I did today was eat and workout. I can't even describe how I feel right now. Boo.

Goodnight my someone... 

2005年09月03日(土) 6時12分
Things I did over the summer:

*Took a lot of people to Miyaki's
*Watched the Music Man. fab play, hot actor
*Finally went to J-town in SJ
*Got my License
*Went to a whole bunch of restaurants
-il fornaio
-red robin's
-cheesecake factory
-pasta pomodoro

more later.. too lazy to think. i'm getting drowsy again cuz of vicodin. due to my wisdom teeth extraction, i look like monica from friends during her college year.

Horrid Tuesday 

2005年07月27日(水) 16時01分
Why is Tuesday so horrid?
I sacrificed my cinema saver date with Jo because I had cotillion practice.
When I got there, my partner decides he wants to be a jerk. Jerk.
Anyway, now my parents don't want me to go to the Daphne Loves Derby concert.
I saw Laguna Beach and made me realize that being alone sucks.
Argh. What a horrible Tuesday.

Ikea, my heart :] 

2005年07月18日(月) 10時07分
I groggily woke up for church after sleeping for a few hours
after my obsession with the sixth Harry Potter book. Not to be random but I keep having vivid dreams lately with people I don't even know! Anywho, it's a miracle I managed to pay attention to what father was saying. He ended his sermon
with such a cool song called "saint and sinners" or something like that. I must find it. After that my family and I decided to
have lunch at Goldilock's and go to Ikea. Dude I saw this
bear in Ikea. It's so soft and cute. I was sad to put it
next to the register all alone. I wanted to put it back with the other bears so it wouldn't be lonely but I had no time. Boo.
Anyway, I bought spice jars in there. You'll see why!

The sixth one is out! 

2005年07月17日(日) 20時47分
About 8 or 9 hours ago, I bought Harry Potter and the Half
Blood Prince
. You should have seen my excitement and
greed when I first laid my eyes on it. Naturally, I read it at one go like the rest of the series. I regretfully mention that this ending is more disturbing than the fifth's. It's 4:50 in the morning and I haven't recovered from shock yet.


2005年06月25日(土) 19時48分
At exactly 3:40 p.m. yesterday, summer became just a tad
more exciting. I am in Desirae's cotillion! woot!


2005年06月24日(金) 13時38分
haha that's the southpark version of me. I'm addicted to
making southpark characters. Summer has been great so far. I really have no particular plans except to lose weight. Isn't
that silly? I actually wanna see if I have the willpower to
lose weight... I started working out today.But it was all for
nothing because I ate Foster Freeze's "Big Boss"and onion
rings for dinner. Anyway, I want a new haircut. Even
though my hair is uber short already I still want it shorter!!
I'm really motivated to make another movie. I want to learn
the editing program badly. I hafta gather people up first and make the storyline. I can't wait! Today is Tanya's birthday. I wonder if she got her kitty . I'm scared for petey...


2005年02月21日(月) 14時31分
omg this is like heaven. screw xanga
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