Breitling show a new trend of Super Ocean Chronograph

March 26 [Mon], 2012, 14:41
In 1957, the famous Breitling Superocean (super ocean watch) available, the watches is equipped with a super-legible dial, shockproof glass and waterproof to a depth of up to 200 meters (660 feet), single case, which was technical excellence second to none. watches this section was originally designed for professional and military divers and, especially special forces divers. However, shortly after the advent of self-watches the growing popularity of diving, this watches has become the new darling of diving enthusiasts. Subsequently, this design led to the development of a series of dive timer. With rugged durability and superior performance of the watches is unique in the ages watch. Enhance the waterproof performance to 500 m, 1000 m, 1500 m even. Breitling launched a totally innovative design this Superocean (super ocean watch), added a new impetus for this legendary series.

The new style of Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph
Stylish designs

Younger, more stylish and more dynamic new Superocean (super ocean watch) is not only technical excellence, and its unique aesthetic perception watches a debut on the highly anticipated. The appearance of fresh, Breitling Superocean Chronograph Chrono Blue Face,sports and innovation, allowing users to both underwater and on land are equally comfortable. Rubber injection molded bezel gives a unique pleasure touch, tilt Arabic numerals make it more vivid shape, the groove of the bezel design is emphasized technical performance and the spirit of adventure. The unique dial echoes the bold and strong geometric patterns, application punctuality marked and Arabic numerals more clear and eye-catching backdrop of the Asian black dial. Waterproof to a depth of 1,500 meters [5,000 feet], the Swiss official Observatory certified self-winding chronograph movement, a very attractive price. The new Superocean (super ocean watch) have all make it able to break the trend to stay ahead and maintain a competitive advantage in a changing environment characteristics.

watches color

Blue, yellow, red, silver or black The new Superocean (super ocean watch) to provide you with a variety of colors to set off around the bevel on the deep black dial bezel. This bright ornament coincides with the second hand pointer, so watches with a strong design color.

There are many colors around the beveled bezel on the deep black dial
The elements of the oceans
Breitling Superocean Chronograph Chrono Blue Face
Inherent divers. The new Superocean (super ocean watch) can withstand a depth of 1500 m (660 ft) pressure. This will depend on its sturdy shell structure, Screw-locked crown and watches complex sealing system. One-way ratchet rotating bezel, you can ensure that the actual diving operation unintentional interference. The case with a horizontal pressurized device can effectively protect the damage of the Screw-locked crown in the under-water adventure. The Superocean (super ocean watch) in the 10 o'clock position there is a safety valve for the pressure of internal and external balance watch, which is the unique characteristics of a professional diving instrument. Once the internal pressure of 3 Bar, the safety valve will automatically release the helium accumulation in Sham Shui Po District stay to prevent the burst of the case.

Steely personality

Extreme conditions require extremely rugged construction Super Ocean Chronograph steel alloy, has a strong anti-corrosive effect of the alkali environment. The case cast by metal rods, sapphire crystal lens was slightly concave, slightly raised numbers and hour markers are clearer; together with the black rubber bezel and polished case.

Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph with steel alloy
Wrist instrument of choice

In order to give the wearer the freedom to choose the space, Superocean (super ocean watch) series with three sturdy and comfortable strap take your pick. Unique and distinctive characteristics of the Ocean Racer rubber strap The strap design with a row of circular perforations, very nostalgic style reminiscent of 1960s racing strap; Professional (Professional) bracelet by three rows of oblique flake, exudes a strong personality; central black Diver Pro diving rubber strap raised design exudes the color of the sports watch. Both rubber strap equipped with push-button folding clasp can adjust the length of the strap in a few seconds.

In addition to its unique appearance and style of the original digital, the new Superocean (super ocean watch) and never ignore the other super ocean watches model, in fact, all Breitling professional appearance over the years the prestigious characteristics. Legible Large pointer and fluorescence in ultra-luminous hour markers, it is also extremely readable in the dark deep sea. Safe and reliable high hardness double-sided anti-reflection sapphire crystal mirror can reduce the clarity of the surface to prevent the weak light. Finally, it can not be ignored, it is very convenient to use the float bezel and fluted crown, allowing users even when wearing gloves can easily be worn as an oversized bezel. As a real Breitling watch, super ocean watches every detail of the design sought to have the highest efficiency and best performance.
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