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June 05 [Tue], 2012, 16:19
Winter laundry Kung-Fu is not reduced, controlled grazing when the snow, snow often open the washings clothes. If the weather is better, but then Brook, smashing ice Wun washing clothes.

Bone into cold water, I cannot avoid. Seeing last year fell frostbite of the old complex of the disease, and hands swelling mess, suffering from pains. Yingshengsheng made me remember those cold and wet in tangli Palace, into the predicament of today. That's life in a flurry of scattered time.

I rose of Sharon there a wry smile: "if something is bent on forget forgotten joy, such as frostbite, and complex every year. ”

Rose of Sharon there hands warm with my hands, her hands are cold swelling, together with munich bambas, three Align Align Chilblain, covered with coral beads. munich bambas sweeten the bitterness of destiny, sometimes joke, "it's hands full of frostbite, red blue purple, I only wore a precious ring, is red coral, green is jade green jade, purple-violet is beautiful jade stone. ”

Rose of Sharon there laughing munich bambas is a money-obsessed and I crazy. However talk about Pearl jade stones, fall decorations themselves became a monk, in addition to the Palace are all in tangli, only brought in dowry, and all out of the Palace, fully sealed in boxes and baskets, don't open. Monk falls ornaments, these beautiful beads jade Rouge, is of course has nothing to do with me.

Rose of Sharon there one touch of frostbite on his hands, quietly: "slaves was in the Palace at that time just little maid on the sweep. At that time in the Palace of Queen Consort He Xian Fei--which is now the only end, naturally not up to us these little maid to serve, the Palace would inevitably have to be bullied, years aunt every day to wash clothes, clothes washing and washing up, as if washed forever as, results fell from frostbite. Also pure Queen was later seen that poor, says a ' hands, the also called wash clothes, House House duct even compassionate heart of what ' that slaves went to do something else. Later slaves rise all the way up, his aunt, is of course not do heavy manual labor, hands are getting better. Unexpectedly, doing the same work today, but not unfamiliar. ”

Lift the plain Queen Rose of Sharon there are subtle in my memories, I've only lightly, and would not mind.

So January last, boiled over in the winter, spring is here.

Wen Shi came to see me that day is one day in early spring. Chan Chan cloudy, clouds falling into the sky, you're dark, but no rain.

He swiftly came in, I was window blue house edge of the cylinder under water today to bear to a skin in the skin in the struggle to fight in. munich bambas zhajian enemy, surprise, tears fall chanyuan, voice cried: "warm adult. ”

I smell turn, Wen Shi standing by the door, hit the blue robe, body size weight. He ran to me, voice: "a word used in women ' s name sister you lost a lot! ”

I had an instant sensation, so remote fell of the Mountain Temple, suddenly met with yesterday's old friend, really want to cry. Only a moment, however, I have as if nothing had happened, to munich bambas said: "there is nothing to cry. ”

munich bambas busy busy wiping tears, he came in, Wen Shi accounts at the beginning of the and, I poured water, bucket grab the upper body up and took my hand, surprised: "How could you do this hard work! ”

I lightly smiled and asked: "why not do it? I have not the daughter, Miss nor Chong Fei in the Palace, just a normal, do not do what? ”

He said, "in any case, supposedly in your Palace, then no matter how can they do this to ill-treatment of Ganlu temple you? ”

I say not a smile: "I was coming out of the Palace to Princess scrap, not leave the late Emperor Fei, her status and do not, why have the privilege to me. ”

His opponents were shut up by, and had to pull me to roll up sleeves to help me get all the water into the tank, I faint: "thanks a lot, but today water is to use a. ”

He gave a slight surprise, "today's water? You have to be so water hard? ”

I said, "the natural, hard working, hands-on. ”

munich bambas in attendance, choking with emotion, said: "these things, what, Miss and we all want to go cut firewood, laundry, restaurant food. Rose of Sharon and I there is nothing, this is the doing of these poor hands Miss sth "

Wen Shi heard at the beginning and she's hurt, desperating, pulling my hand. My hand early is not a delicate look like the past, older I've got, blisters or broken to reveal bright red flesh, there are thorns into flesh when cut firewood in small Thorn, dark 1.1 points.

Wen Shi was distressed, anxious: "How did this happen? ”

munich bambas sobs stamp: "Miss blood blister on his hand broken one after another, not a piece of meat. Miss childhood raised in the ahalyse, where it had this kind of pain. But those who were so cruel, bullying we are to, create all sorts of obstacles to bully. ”

I talk harshly interrupted munich bambas crying out, "complained that useful? Complaining is hard, don't complain is also hard. ”

munich bambas whispered sobbed, "I just love dearly Miss. ”

I'm shaking my head and grin, "do not have to feel bad, so that people in the future, habit is good. ”

Wen Shi busy pulling me to sit down at the beginning, out with the ointment, concern: "I took these drugs also make do with it. Gold of tomorrow and then I send good medicine. ”

I nodded, "thank you. ”

I let him see the wound for me, just ask: "I'll give you the time, sister eyebrow everything OK? ”

He yizheng, some complained: "itself is the sample, or just looking to someone else. ”

I persistent to ask: "eyebrow sister OK? You promised me, will take care of her for me. ”

His sigh, said: "she's fine, just very anxious about you. "He," and I miss you. ”

I slightly-after, immediately said: "the natural, and your eyebrows are sister and I grew up together, unusual natural kindness. "I asked," so she has good hand injury, a surname and Queen have embarrassed her tolerance? ”

He said: "she has good hand injuries, but the scar is not yet done. I find all solutions for her, in the end it still printed. But do not look closely, they could not be arrived at. "He increased tone:" no one for her. We only serve the Queen Mother her side, back to the Palace and jingfei looking after Oboro months, no one can be hard to find her. ”

A slightly different version of comfort, not sorry, "my Oboro month OK? ”

Wen Shi frowned slightly, but remained laughs: "Ji Shi Oboro months to eight months, was not born at term, natural body slightly weak, easier than other JI cold cough or anything. ”

My heart was pumping up suddenly, Oboro months although I was a girl, does not threaten anyone's position, but if people give way to me, Oboro's death served the past month, and her little baby child care, how to bear. I huangran: "what should we do? Should I do? She's cold will it matter, her several months old, what stand the cold? ”

Wen Shi first view I look bigger or concern, fear was palpable, busy comforting: "Okay okay, you may rely on. The Emperor loved JI, I notice. Her cold last month, had been almost the same. Because Emperor JI, jingfei Empress Shen Jieyu almost two days and two nights and did not have a good rest, take turns watching, even the Emperor accompanied a night. I have promised you, Wen Shi to early life guarantee, must make every effort to protect the Emperor Ji ping. ”

"She's just a child, can't speak yet. Hungry ill cannot say it will only cry. Thought she would cry, my mother was anxious sorry. "Tears in my eyes finally fell, can't help it:" real brother, really thank you. ”

Wen Shi was miserable at the beginning was, "a word used in women ' s name sister, I can not help you, only you can do, is to desperately save the Emperor JI. Your daughter, I also considered as yourself. ”

I am moved to tears, "you, you look after eyebrows sister and Oboro months, I feel comfortable. "Weak moment in my heart surge, baffle," real brother, I believe, can you help me, only you. ”

He also met, yet a man, biting back. He looked around, "do you live such a crude, something missing? Lacks something and the next time I bring them to you. ”

I shook his head, "I didn't lack anything, even what deficiency nor does it matter. Everything is fine as long as my sole month. ”

His soft words of comfort: "she's very well. Jingfei Queen of AiDi Ji Ai as his eyes, eyebrows are like her, they lived in a Palace, easy to coordinate with each other. ”

He again to see me, pity the tone: "I must find and take you out of here. I cannot allow you to be so bitter. ”

I feel free to laugh, thinking that he just casually said that, do not mind. Oboro for as long as he can take care of my month is good.

Several times, Wen Shi sent or given to drugs or clothes at the beginning of everyday things, to feed my lack of familiar, my gratitude for his enthusiastic support.

However he came over a few times, but I was a bit uneasy.

Ganlu Temple of the nuns living clearing land of the pure, he excitedly came many times, though he knows he is in the Palace Imperial doctor, my acquaintance, but he told me to look after, although did not say anything, but the look is not very attractive.

That day, I with munich bambas stream wash clothes, in the early spring in March, it is high time the grass sauce buds, flowers such as weaving, fly bird-elegant butterflies are flying this all the way. She and I both had carried a big basket in the temple's personal clothing, lifting bars, roll the sleeves and robe corner splash splashing music of the Bank of the stream Wun washes.

Heavy clothing range, I munich bambas held difficult, washing a few hammer blows, munich bambas doubled again, suddenly "Oh" sound, frowning, complained: "dead white women getting too Slinky how good to wash our clothes. No taboo at all! "I reached for a double, see how are women's underwear, pressed his brow is rather offensive. munich bambas, however angry or in flames, said: "come on, who we are. ”

munich bambas, after all is not convinced, "shall we? Mo Zhen who is also, what rough work dirty work to do what we do, well, now more serious, even played to wash our underwear underwear, this is nothing! ”

I kept silent, give Rod a rod a rod to push the hammer, hammer was a big splash, "flutter-bashing" threw herself into the face of the cold.

munich bambas and hold my hand, a pretty face was white, "Miss angry? ”

In March, although there are spring water and remained there for a few minutes so cold. munich bambas finger press on my hands, also see winter leave frostbite laundry mauve print.

I feel bad for a moment, sighed and said, "since you have come here, you know not the advantage to enjoy a happy life. ”

munich bambas may not sound, moment lengleng: "I love dearly Miss, Miss previously when done-cured the dirty filthy things. "She took my hand," Miss still hand in hand? How many drug incised wound is not good, I had not seen the heart, Ms does not own it? ”

I silently for a moment, myself, the how to do?
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