Buying Short Sales in New Jersey

July 23 [Mon], 2012, 18:15
Short sales in New Jersey can give home and property buyers an excellent bargain. Short sales are given away by their prices, when they seem far too low for the value of the property. This might be kind of difficult to tell in today’s de-valuation of property, but simply compare that property to other similar ones in the area to see if it could be a short sale or not. A question to the agent Hines Ward Jerseys
who lists the property will reveal for sure whether or not the properties you’re looking at are short sales in New Jersey, or if the prices are low for other reason like the need for repairs or poor location.

While short sales in New Jersey are designed to sell fast for less than the value of the property, sales don’t always run as smooth as that. Consider that the lender is probably unhappy about the short sale, and the homebuyer who can no longer make the mortgage payments came into the idea in a state of need. When short sales in New Jersey take place, that means that the buyer can’t make the payments and has convinced the lender to sell the property for less than its value. This helps the lender sell the home to someone who will make payments, and can help keep the buyer from being foreclosed upon or having to file bankruptcy, if that’s even possible.

The first thing to remember about short sales in New Jersey is that the price that’s offered is usually pretty close to the price the lender expects to get. So low-ball offers will probably be rejected summarily. And short sales in New Jersey aren’t always because the buyer can’t pay. It could be a case of the property being over-valued originally, or that the value has dropped, even while the buyer is current.

It’s important before you consider buying short sales in New Jersey that you know the history of the property. Look through public records to discover who the titleholder is, whether a foreclosure has been initiated and how much money is owed on the property. Having this knowledge, especially about how much is owed, can give you the upper hand when making offers to the lender. In cases where there are two loans on that property from two mortgage lenders your offer will need to be higher in order to make it work, so you may want to look at other short sales in New Jersey for better bargains.

You’ll want an agent working for you that’s handled many short sales in New Jersey to avoid the things thatBen Roethlisberger Jerseys
can drag down negotiations and closings, and make sure you get the proper follow up throughout the whole process. And an experienced agent can help protect you from short sale scams, like the home buyer who’s behind on the mortgage payments insisting that you must pay him or her a fee in order to be able to purchase the short sale, which is fraud. Get a good agent and protect yourself when buying short sales in New Jersey.

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