Change of mind.

June 12 [Sun], 2011, 3:29
If there is anyone even still reading this space,
I've moved to


May 08 [Sun], 2011, 22:34

If I closed my eyes long enough, maybe I could be back there again.
It's not exactly about the place, but the fact that I was there with him; holding his hand & feeling free.
No shackles to hold me down, no worry crossing my mind.

Just us, in the middle of a beautiful place we don't know.

Here comes the sun.

April 24 [Sun], 2011, 2:07
We have been fighting alot more than usual lately, and at one point I even felt like I wanted to give up and walk away. It is quite silly actually, the things we fight about. Or rather, the things I fight about, since he never retaliates (good move!). In retrospect these things are actually very, very insignificant. Like quarrelling over whether I want to go down for breakfast. Or how I think his tone sounds flippant. Things like that. I just hope things will get better when we embark on our trip to Taiwan!

Our first trip together, I wonder how will it go? Silly as it seems, I like the little milestones that we go through at different moments. I watched the Strangers, Again video just now (it has been making its rounds in Facebook) and while it is all very true and relatable, it is not something absolute. I don't agree with categorising the relationship into different "stages" because it makes it inevitable for the relationship to proceed to the next stage. If there is one thing I can take away from this relationship now, it is how he has taught me that true love is truly selfless. When you'll do anything just to see the other person smile, that's love. And it will never change even if the going gets tough.

That said, ZOMG TAIWAN. I cannot believe we'll be flying off in 2 days!!! It has been a very crazy week at work for me, as my journal issue needs to be published before the month's end or the company will lose money. Welcome to the real world, she said to me. I suddenly remember how I was researching on what to say during my interview at the current company, and there was a piece of advice I'll never forget - "Don't just say that you want to work in the publishing sector because you love to read. Let them know that you understand it's a profit-making business." True story. I cannot wait to see my name appear in my first printed issue!!!! Exciting historical moment.



April 05 [Tue], 2011, 23:52

It's hard to put it in words, this feeling. I wish I can compartmentalize feelings like boxes, but right now all I can say is..... knitted interwoven overlapping confused entwined bound so tightly together. A ball of mess. So many things running through my mind.

I feel like I'm losing a friend. And at the same time, I don't see myself wanting to do anything. It's like an out-of-body experience; I am perfectly conscious but what happens is beyond my control. It could be fatigue, or it could be a new-found defeatist attitude. It's me we're talking about here, and if the said person has found new blood, then why not? You know what they say (who the hell are they by the way), if you love them let them go. Let's face it, I cannot quite compare to people who are fun & bubbly.

Speaking out of nothing but random, scattered thoughts, have you ever realised that people usually get into a relationship with someone of a similar family background/financial status? Before all of you sociologists breathe down my neck (*coughKarencoughJZ*), it's okay I think I know why. But I just wanted to think about it anyway. It is kind of intriguing, and also another evidence why the rich becomes richer and the poor, poorer.

There's a dark red version of the PS1 wallet. You know, I really hope that the theory about how there are 6 (or 7?) people around the world who are exact replicas of myself is true. Because in that perfect universe, with each of me living in different dimensions, I would own a PS1 wallet in a different colour.

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