Saying "thank you" will make you a happier person 

2005年06月17日(金) 3時30分
"thank you "
"I'm sorry" so usual talk . But are you know ?
This is larruping talk

terrible destruction 

2005年06月14日(火) 0時36分
People had been destroied ..many diverse animals are endangering..
environment isn't protected ..
Earth can afford humans 's pollutions?

prectice my english.. 

2005年06月12日(日) 23時39分
All of us should be concerned with pubic afffairs.

I am a citizen of Taiwan .
Graduation from high school means theat a new stage of life is ahead of you.
I ever have been announceed I will be a cartoonist. so funny ^^
Beacuse I like to design story . And i ever have been steel to be a cartoonist.
I prediction is based on my room migrate from personal office to publishing house .
But as time goes on.. I discover the career doctor is a good choice .
Doctor is a representative lofty of school work. I did't ever desire to be a doctor
b. My friend direct respons. "Unlikely"
I don't deny,,, and I don't want to discuss the problem I face,,
the lengthy discussion

recent condition . I always tremble with fear.. Not serious.. don't meanace to my health..

universal human as such is my personal..
career Doctor is my dream second to none .. but school work doesn't make progress even not goog behave..


2005年06月12日(日) 1時24分
我看了紅樓夢的第一第二回.,目前還看不出有什麼東西來..不過看到降珠草的故事我還是很感動,就是這種感覺 我願意用一輩子的泪來報答;... 林黛玉是個用泪水做出來的角色..儂今葬花人笑癡,他年葬儂知是誰? 為什麼會有這麼悲觀的想法? 黛玉内心的寂寞 沒有人了解



2005年06月11日(土) 22時22分
The accident
one day, on my wat to school, I saw a terrible accident .A high schol student riding a motorcycle was hit and run over by a truck . The motorcycle was totally destroyed and the student lay killed on the ground . I hope the accident don't repeat....anymore.
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