Hey You 

2006年05月29日(月) 5時26分

Yeah! I saw Rednex this weekend, there're just awesome! One of my friends were screaming as hell She's one of those you'll hear if you're on a live consert.
Oh and i also saw Linda Bengtzing and Charlotte Pirelli. Aah i just love Charlottes hair, its gorgeous!!

Mary Joe plays the harmonica

Charlotte's walking away from the stage with her baby

Later on approx 10.15pm me & Nath were heading home, it got a little cold and my feet & legs were really hurting, and they still do today!

Well im off! See ya

A never ending dream 

2006年05月08日(月) 20時33分
Aaah! I forgotten about yaplog yet again!ごめん!
Soooo...i think summers here!Finally!
I bought new shoes a week ago, but now they're too warm to wear! My usual luck
Gawd, i really need a job, i soooo desperately need money! There's so much things i wanna buy..

Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Best song ever!

See ya

Rainy Day 

2006年04月17日(月) 23時20分
Aouf..today Nathalie went home !! Feels really empty without her here! Ah so when we was waiting for the bus, it's starts to rain!! Well my jacket is warm and all but Nathalies not, she got really wet & cold, poor little thing!

Ah yeah, i took some weird pictures last night!

Today im gonna buy some movies too i think! Dont know which ones i'll choose yet though. It's either "Romeo Is Bleeding" and "Cider House Rules" or "Ice Age" and "Finding Nemo", aah gotta love Ellen DeGeneres!

Anyways, i'm off, gonna watch Desperate Housewives!


2006年04月15日(土) 1時07分

The sun is shining and soon it's easter yay.
So, today me and nathalie was taking som easter pictures! Perfect weather and all, just a little little could. Brrr..
Aaah, i made this chicken when i was little!
Looks quite weird but anywaay, my mother loves it. It's sitting right outside our maindoor.

I know it's not easter yet, but just in case i'll forget to write tomorrow! Happy easter!

Ah, im sooo sleepy. Take care now!

Easter's coming up! 

2006年04月14日(金) 7時00分
Yay, one more day to go and then easter's here!
I'll try take some pictures and put 'em up here

Aaah, i've been sick this week, well..2 days of the week But 2 days is soo painful, i hate being sick! Nathalie's here, she'll leave on sunday, god it's really gonna be empty without her

Hmm..well im off, thinking of watching "Casanova", not the old one, the one by Lasse Hallstrom


Pieces Of A Dream 

2006年03月30日(木) 16時37分
Soooo yesterday i was in Ullared, Ge-kas. It was soo much people everywhere and my mother was standing and looking at the same things all the time, so i got really tired and my feet hurted so bad!

Umm...what do we do on easter..i just get candy and maybe we eat something special, but i don't remember Don't think the food is such a big deal really
And my mother always has a lots of chickens everywhere in the house, not real ones! Just decorations

Ah so i've been watching "Alias" a lot lately! Whole season 2! Lena Olin (Irina Derevko in the serias) is sooo amazing! Wish i could pronounce english like she does! She seems like such a great person in intrerviews and all! Hope she'll be in a swedish movie again soon

Oh well, see ya

Love No Cry 

2006年03月26日(日) 1時15分
Hi hi!
Today i'm so bored, and tired!
Next weekend we're going to Ge-kas and buy alot of candys and other stuff for easter!
I so want to buy a movie, but im soo broke
Hmhmhm...finns inte mycket mer att skriva.


Endless Story 

2006年03月06日(月) 22時55分
And now it's official, i'm quitting school Now i need a job really badly

Aaah, i've never thought about it before but 中島美嘉 is really GORGEOUS
Though Nami's even more gorgeous
And one last thing, i now have seen "NANA" with subs for the whole movie, and i love it even more


2006年03月05日(日) 8時41分
Hi hi 絵美です!
We made it in to yaplog!NJstar is such an awesome program so i'll leave my swedish blog for now on, this is so cute
Tonight i think i'll watch the DVD rip of "NANA" ah only 20 min subtitles please help me ゆりちゃん Too bad you cant translate it for me

It's 00:48 am, im getting a little tired actually, Naathalies already asleep
Later today i will study japanese, im at the 5th lesson It's so fun that these soundlessons really work!
日本語がわかります、でもまだ上手ありません..Hope i got that right, if not please tell me

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