European Cup strict defensive extract Shenbingtianjiang 30.8% header record

June 15 [Fri], 2012, 12:03
European Cup second round has not been waged, a phenomenon that has been cause for concern: the surge in the proportion of headed home. Portugal 3 to 2 power Kedan Mai, Bendtner header scored twice on this go down in history, he is a game of this competition, three players scored two headed, the other two Man Zhu Keech and homes Shevchenko. The European Cup had never of this phenomenon, Jordan Flight the Power, the term now there are three times, people look forward to who will step three's footsteps.
Headed home, is the most distinctive feature of this competition at this stage, the entire tournament to break 39, including the ball to score 12, the ratio of a staggering 30.8 percent, far more than 22% of the European Cup in 2004. That was the history of the European Cup, with the images(8)development of events, this proportion is bound to continue to climb. This phenomenon, and staffing, and tactical deployment of the team are closely related. 15 teams in the 16 is equipped with a high center, the only team no tall striker but rather the most dependent on a long pass to the high-hanging Ireland, which fully proves that the mainstream of this competition tactics: high center air strikes.
The elimination round in, and headed the most affinity for Africa and Portugal none other than the nearly five clean sheets in the European cup, they all originated from the header, the air defense capability is not strong, Portugal in the final weeks to go further to be careful . Portugal is also expected to refresh header scoring record: There are three teams in the finals since the 1980 European Cup, scoring 10 or more header, Pepe makes Portugal has 11 to 10 ahead of Germany, England.
Headed home efficiency is so high, suddenly reminiscent of those that go down in history of people and things. 1996 European Cup so far where the 14th-fifth of which is determined by the header championship, the Soviet Union, the first European Cup in 1960 Wave del NaKe is the initiator of Bierhoff scored for the German team headed ball, his predecessor He Lubei Shi has a header in the 1980 final, knocking at the gate. Even the only major title in the Netherlands, but also care Gullit headed the blessing, the 1988 final, Jordan Flight the Power for sale, he took Van Basten ferry headed, fell from the sky a broken open the Dassa Aliyev fingers off.
European Cup finals, 16 teams have a higher tactical ability and strong defensive ability, which also forced all the teams had to make new adjustments in the attack. There is no doubt that teams working at height, the technical content than the year Ireland a much higher, and headed home is no longer the simple product of the long-ball, turned out to be three-dimensional offensive grow fruitful results.