December 22 [Wed], 2010, 2:15
Yessss!!!! MOVED TO NEW BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!! X3

New Blog Link :
Im really really sorry for keep on moving to new blog.
I promise after this, I won't change to new blog anymore. I promise. > <
Sorry for troubling~~~
No more update here. New post will be at my new blog.

Dear all my friends, please re-link me ya. :D
Thank you very very much!

The End Of SPM

December 15 [Wed], 2010, 11:41
15 Dec 2010
Its the day that I have been waiting for long time ago.
And now its here.
Farewell my school, my tearchers and my dearest friends.
I'll miss you guys. :)

Credits to Xiao Tong

Next, I think someone already know what I'm going to talk about.

15 Dec is also the release date of theGazettE new single [PLEDGE]

Pre-ordered my copy @ CD Japan.
Have to wait for another 2 weeks to get it due to I'm lack of money so have to use SAL shipping method.
Just hope that the other 2 songs is not a disapointment. :/

Btw, CF is just around the corner.
Started to get nervous but excited at the same time. XD
I still have to get myself 2 pairs of shoes for my cosplay character.
Will be doing Elizabeth from Kuroshitsuji for day one.
And Hoshina Utau from Shugo Chara for day two.

Countdown to the end

December 03 [Fri], 2010, 20:44
Hey people!
Sorry for not updating my blog. Was too busy with SPM these days.
And I'm really really stressed. :(
Still got 3 more subject to go. > <
Wish me good luck.

FYI, I'm changing back to blogger after my SPM.
Well I'm actually a blogger user few years ago.
Their post editor really sucks that time. The only thing I like is their HTML/Java Script.
Yesterday I found out that they actually update a new post editor which is better than the old one. (I think they actually update this long time ago but I just found out yesterday. >_>"
So, I'm going back. :D
Will post up the link after finish SPM.
Still thinking to deco my blog with lolita or vkei better. x)
Btw, sorry for keep changing blog. ^_^"

Okay, I'll stop here *runs*


November 23 [Tue], 2010, 2:51






Outing & Garish room

November 11 [Thu], 2010, 3:11

When to Mid Valley with Yumi in lolita last friday.
This would be my last outing before SPM.(hopefully)

Coordination of the day

Ignore my ugly face.

And thanks so much to Yumi for the super awesome make up!
I look soooo pretty that day~!*perasaan*
We went singK, then starbuck as usual, then went home lol. >_>
It was so much fun! Make me feel like SPM is aready over.
But the next day morning, back to reality. 
SPM faster end laaaaa!!!!

On tuesday morning, I woke up and saw Yumi's message.
I quickly ran downstairs and found -------------------GARISH ROOM

It also comes with a pen and stickers too!
I know why they send a pen, because uruha know that Im going to sit for SPM soon lololol!!!*smack*
But I'm definitely going to bring this pen together with me during SPM.

SHOXX Vol 213

October 31 [Sun], 2010, 3:35
Last Friday I went to MV for my guitar class.
Again, I had Starbuck for my lunch.

Signature Ice Chocolate with Cream top.
I want Choco Cream Chip but ... money problems. *sigh*
Around 3 afternoon my mum came and fetch me home.

Received my parcel from CDJapan when I got home.

And thanks to the postman for throwing my parcel inside my house so that I don't have waste my time and energy to go to the post office.
Be prepared! Because is something I always mention in my post, even my whole blog.
Unless someone get bored of me taking about the same thing everytime.


Thank god my dad is not home. If not I'll surely get scolded like last time when he saw my theGazette DVD.

I ordered SHOXX Vol.213. The magazine also comes with 5 posters!
Sadly most of them are ViViD and I'm not a big fan of them.
Anyone wants them for RM5?

My lovely hubby as always

I actually plan to go to SunU AniMangaki as the last cosplay event before my SPM.
But then, i decided not to go.
There are a few reason, but the main reason is because even If I go, I can't fully enjoy myself there.
Because of SPM.

I don't have the mood for event right now.
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