sleeping baby 

2005年05月22日(日) 1時32分
She sleeps anyplace.
On the warm blanket, on the warm audio amplifier
on the warm Daisuke's lap.

It's very comfortably...

toy garden 

2005年05月03日(火) 15時15分
Spring is coming to our garden.
Yellow one become good toys.
If I take one flower and throw,
it fall down with dance like parachute
It's real cute and beautiful!!

cute shot 

2005年05月02日(月) 23時18分
Photo 1
She loves sitting close at someone's side.

She is grooming herself.
She sits like a human, it's so cute.


2005年04月26日(火) 14時49分
From now, I try to write diary in Einglish, and take a
picture of her, and uproad here.

on my lap 

2005年04月03日(日) 19時00分
Beautiful Sunday!!
I will go outside but so snug, then I relaxed in the sun with her in the house.



2005年04月01日(金) 23時25分
I start to live in Hillel's house with Blackie.
She is a black cat, very friendly.
So some years ago, since first I met her, I was captived
by her.

First night, she looked sad because Hillel was gone to
long trip.
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