new home

November 23 [Sun], 2008, 22:32

my new home. hope to see you there. see you! ^^


November 04 [Tue], 2008, 0:23
I'm not sure if I'm gonna write to yaplog ever again. Everyone's leaving it + I don't have a mood to write about my shitty life and I don't think I will have that one in the future though.
Maybe it's my last entry ever in my life? Ha... yesterday's chat with Lina about the suicide made me rethink about it.


hysteria in da house

October 31 [Fri], 2008, 21:15
Yesterday our preceptress at last, after 1,5year, phone called to parents of her students who don't go to school. So my mother already knows that I don't go to school. She cried a lot. I cried a lot. So yeah.. but I know that nothing will change. I will have to study with the same History teacher. I just know it. At least my mother finally knows how I really feel about my school, about myself and about my future.
It just hurts that she asked me "why you didn't tell me what's wrong?" Mom, I told you so many times about the problems with a History teacher. So don't act a good mother now. I even was SHOWING you that I don't go to school. Me, walking in the pj's and without make-up in the evening when you go back from work, IT'S FREAKIN OBVIOUS. Now she's just reproaching me why I didn't go to lyceum, that all my family and teachers always were thinking that I'm very talented and smart girl. Well.. let me remind you that you always were telling me that I'm too stupid to pass the exams and my only future is to become a sweeper. That's what you were saying over and over again all my life.
Ok it doesn't matter anymore. My future is ruined anyways. I really don't care anymore. I just want to disappear ;>

great day

October 31 [Fri], 2008, 10:02
Thank you girls for this day. I'm happy you liked my lasagnia even if it wasn't perfect ^^ I just felt a bit.. "apzora"? when I was eating everything and you were not :D yeah ;/
Toshi, thank you so much for those pages with Kame-kun. I'm appreciated that you took those two out from your magazine :)
Kaji-sama, thank you for letting me to talk out. I've never told to anybody these things as I did this evening. I kinda feel relieved coz now at least one person knows how I trully feel about my present and my future. I was tired to keep all those thoughts inside me and now I hope at least one person on this earth understands how I feel, knows why I act angry sometimes and doesn't think I'm a bad and lazy person. I didn't talk about it with Noru-chan coz she's got her own problems AND she can't be objective in these things.
Also today's gonna be my first day as a volunteer in the pet shelter. I'm very nervous coz it's a serious job. You need nurse those pets, massage them, instil medicines to their eyes and so on. Some of those pets are very week and needs an extra regard. So I'm afraid coz I'm gonna be responsible for their health and care. And one bad thing is that the shelter is in the other side of Vilnius so it takes an hour to get there.. So you can count: 1hour to get there + 2hours to take care of pets +1hour going back. It takes a lot of time ;> oh well it looks like I should be concentrated on the shelter and my homeworks and other things as PC and so on will be used not so often.
Today I'll search black pants in the town and then buy some stuff to those pets coz I don't want to come without any gifts ^^ I'll buy some vitamins or food :))
And... in the past two days I was really obsessed with LOST. I watched the final series of the 4th season and can't wait for January to start the 5th. The 3rd season sucked big time and I even skipped watching this drama but now it's getting more and more interesting.
I'm gonna stay all alone at home these 3 days coz my parents leaving for Panevezys and I'll try to study something at the weekend. My mother is angry about that coz I won't be visiting graveyard on the All Soul’s Day. I don't care. I'll light a candle in my apartment and do the homage for the Dead. I don't want to go to Panevezys. It's just too depressing when I'm still mad and hurt about the cat.

Ok bye bye minna-san! Don't forget to meet your families and go to the graveyard :)

P.S.- I still didn't get DBSK cd and the magazine so I think it's obvious that I won't get them.


October 28 [Tue], 2008, 19:08
credits to crucifiedshadow

LOVE YOU~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!


October 28 [Tue], 2008, 0:03
While I'm sitting here with a chemical stinky liquid on my head and praying to keep those hair on my head I can show you what bossu is watching in the afternoons.

I wanna be the very best
like no one ever was
To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land
searching far and wide
Each pokemon to understand
the power that's inside

Pokemon! its you and me
I know its my destiny,
Pokemon! Oh you're my best friend
in a world we must defend
Pokemon! a heart so true
Our courage will pull us through,

You teach me and I'll teach you,
Pokemon! gotto catch'em all

Every challenge allong the way
with courage I will face.
I will battle every day
to claim my rightful place.
Come with me,
the time is right,
there's no better team.
Arm in arm we'll win the fight!
It's always been our dream!

I still need to go to the kindergarten, gymnasium is a too high class for me :D

dying my hair

October 27 [Mon], 2008, 22:57
nu va ka tik is pardos su plauku dazais grizau. bijau. tokius nesveikus dazus nusipirkau.. kad tik plika nepalikciau :D zmones, jei bossu virs albinosu arba blogiausiu atveju - nupliks, prasom but supratingiem ir nesijuokt is manes :'D
oh my... kaip dabar prisiverst nueit i vonia ir uzsitept ta "bomba" sau ant galvos :S
apie instrukcija is vis patyliu, nesuprantu as jos.. :D
wish me luck.

my future life ha

October 26 [Sun], 2008, 2:58
Ok so I knew this one for about a year? And just now decided to publish my results. Not because I think you'll be really interested in reading it but I just don't have a mood to write something in these days :)
So enjoy :P Yay for me xP

prepared for the rainy season

October 23 [Thu], 2008, 3:00
I've already said that I got rainboots today so now you can take a look. Actually they match to my new bag even more than I expected ^^

kyaaaah kawaii!!!~~

October 23 [Thu], 2008, 2:34
kyaaaaah!!!!~~ I want this doggy! It looks so funny *w* LOLOLOL
I would give him a cool name which wouldn't fit to him at all buahaha~

kyaaaaaaaah!!!~ *w*

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:BlackBoUnTy
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1990年9月12日
  • アイコン画像 血液型:AB型

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