Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.

December 22 [Sat], 2018, 15:02

Hope you will have a great Christmas and
Happy New Year 2019,

Have you have enjoyed your '18... yourself?
Also, hope you are enjoying festive season too.

By the way,I am enjoying mulled wine
and amazing Christmas spice tea as usual, hehe.
How about you? enjoyed some meal or drink?
If you will cooked some special foods,
please invite me, come and eat them. hehehehe.
But actually I had very early Christmas party with my friend anyway!
After all, well, I'm going to eat, drink, relaxing, blah blah blah..




Anyway how was your year, yep asked again?
I am, yeah well, especially later half is great.
Actually my '16 and '17 was terrible..worse in my life,
because we received many trouble from crazy one.
it was nightmare definitely.
However life is always happened.
In early this year still bit struggle because
we needed to do many things for solution to them.
But since when I see my best friend and boss again,
and when I see my fab four again,
days completely positive to changed.
Then, my latest this year was amazing.
Everything ok, already to kicked off. hehe:p
cause you guys, and my friends gave me a power,
and found out lots of great things.

I really thankful about all my friends of the world.
You made my days, and I made myself also?:p

Anyway, nightmare is gone.
No more stormy monday, for us.

Anyway, thanks for all people that I've met at '18,
and, thanks for all friends who see me again this year.
I'm glad to have you all,
All you guys made me/us the great year.

Keep in touch and see you soon guys,
also my friends who are lives far from me,
Hope to see you again at 2019,
I will see you anyway;))

Love you all.


Ciao ciao, x

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