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February 04 [Mon], 2019, 20:30


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I already read that book
Diary - of - a! Wimpy Kid:. The. Long. Haul, google. drive
0:56 Dat moment you see the cast for the movie

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the diary of wimpy kid series


diary of a wimpy kid the long haul price
The actor that plays the original Rowley is only a bit younger than the original Greg...they literally made Greg like ten and rowley like 4.
diary of a wimpy kid the long haul story
Rodrick looks like the titans from attack of the titan anime when his mouth is open while smiling
Yesss everyone wants the old cast back but they can’t because the kid who used to play Greg is WAY older now , that he’s to old for the part as it’s still a kids film , so I know people r going to complain but there’s nothing that they could do and if u actually watch the film it’s not that bad really.

they hired a 4th grader that looks like he eats ratnails
New Roderick: #Notmyrodrick Old Roderick: #THISISMYKINDOFRODRICK


Anyone else think that the new Roderick looks like an asian woman.

diary of the wimpy kid book series

#notmyrodrick , join the army here by clicking the like button ,every like increases the chance of the old rodrick coming back


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diary of a wimpy kid long haul audiobook
In the beginning, Rowley and Greg were watching a green haired, loud guy game. Is that supposed to be Sean?? (Jacksepticeye)

I don't get why the new Rodrick is literally kylo Rens cheap 2nd handed doll

diary of a wimpy kid the set
Art and Theft
I don't know if Rodrick is related to Greg's family or he is adopted from Asia
diary of a wimpy kid movie collection


diary of a wimpy kid: the long haul movie stream

This or Suicide Squad... I confidently chose Amazing Spider-Man 2
Please come back to us,we miss you,your our only hope,REAL rodrick.
Diary! of? a - Wimpy & Kid:... The - Long. Haul? for. free
Diary? of, a, Wimpy. Kid:? The, Long - Haul. kisscartoon
Rodrick: oh they have no idea 😆 Greg: yeah they’re a little slow 😉 Me: Oof 💀 Susan: actually, i like to report a DOUBLE murder 👿 Me: 😳.

diary of a wimpy kid the long haul download
His eyes are soooo hot. 😍
Watch… Online - Diary, of - a. Wimpy, Kid: & The! Long, Haul And… Full, Download
diary of a wimpy kid the long haul pages
look at rodrick
I know I'm going to get so much hate for this, but aren't the characters supposed to look like trash especially Rodrick...?

many hefely is not there

jeff can i go to your house by kennen to Jeff kinney

Thank god they kept one original cast member The pig

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