nike high heels Cold winter

July 23 [Mon], 2012, 11:40

 nike high heels  Cold winter, have one or a few pieces of soft and warm cashmere sweater is almost the dream of every woman. However, the cashmere sweater is a high-end clothing, not only maintenance required special care should pay special attention to, even when wearing. Now introduce three kinds of methods for reference: wearing cashmere easy to play ball, electrostatic, so within when you wear with matching jacket lining is best to smooth, not too rough, hard, inside the bag is not loaded a hard object such as pens, wallet and so on. The Waichuan minimize friction with a hard object, such as long sleeves and desktop, the sofa arm, back and sofas and other friction and strong pull hard pull. Cashmere sweater dress up comfortable and beautiful, but also should be noted that wearing a time not too long, generally about 10 days replacement time, to restore elasticity to avoid fatigue and excessive fiber. General case of the washing, dry cleaning, Hand washable. Woolen cashmere sweater before washing to carefully check the clothing, the above oil. If oil, the application of soft cotton dipped in ether graze above. To finished oil spill, the cashmere sweater into the temperature does not exceed 30 ℃ and add the right amount of wool fabrics special lotion water hand wash light. After dehydration, on the hand finishing to the prototype, dried or steam iron, ironing the whole can be covered with towels platform. Collection collection must be dry cleaned, folded to flat bags, should not hang put, so as not to drape deformation. Do not mix with other types of items with bags, and stored in the dark, ventilated, dry place. The store should pay attention to the anti-moth, no decay agents in direct contact with the cashmere sweater  .

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