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July 23 [Mon], 2012, 10:57

 wholesale new era hats  Eastern Jin Dynasty "Dongyang Records" Shu Embroidery and Shu Brocade and said Xiu treasure. Qing Emperor Daoguangs Reign of Chengdu has developed a number of embroidery shop. Embroidery in red, green and other colors of the local weaving satin and real estate important casual line for the raw materials. Thick, with a neat line between elegance and color, stitch pin neat, bright-line method, close soft, the car tighten home. Trocar, fainting, oblique needle, the family of flow-pin parameters needle, shed parameters needle, knitting needles. The products include mirror curtain, lace, wedding dress, scrolls, shoes, hats, skirts, pillowcases, quilt cover, curtains and so on. The subjects of the auspicious meaning, with folk colors. Shu embroidery for its skilled craftsmanship and fine lines are among the top list of Chinas four famous embroideries. Nature themes (such as pandas, birds and flowers), Sichuan embroidery is more attractive. There are single-sided, double-sided embroidery. Handmade embroidery, to ensure that a realistic picture, changing shape, exquisite designs wholesale baseball hats  .

Originated in western Sichuan folk Shu embroidery, due to the impact of various aspects of the geographical environment, customs, culture and art, through a long period of continuous development, and gradually formed a rigorous and delicate, bright and smooth, composition nowhere dense, deep and mellow, bright colors and unique style. Shu embroidery skills characteristics of wired method smooth bright, pin-neat and strict measures needle, soft doped color, car twist freely, underlying strength and vivid, the actual situation appropriately, any one of Shu embroidery dripping to show the these unique skills, according to statistics, Sichuan embroidery of 12 major categories, 122 kinds of needle. The commonly used method of needle  fainting, laying the needle, needle, cut needle, mixed needle, needle sand, cover, such as acupuncture cheap new era hats 

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