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July 23 [Mon], 2012, 10:31

nike heels australia  Qin Liangyu Jin Pao Ming is Xiu see this rare embroidery. Lan Duan and gold embroidered Mangpao, thoracodorsal lapel sleeves and gold embroidery python again between Caixiu Hail, wishful, moire, Po phase pattern; a yellow satin and gold embroidery python phoenix shirt, in addition to python , backs and chests but also embroidered Shuangfeng, Qunjiao Caixiu, Shoushan Fuhai blank embroidered Choi Wan. Qin Liangyu is a famous general nike dunk heels  ,

  nike heels  Chong Zhen Emperor had summoned and poetry in recognition of the power of its campaign, says: Silk Brocade levy gown hand made peach Please Changying immediately, the world a lot of odd man, who Kensha Miles, dressed in Sichuan brocadefine The embroidered Mangpao across battlefields, its non-man handsome valiant comparable. DRESS with yellow for the emperor in the Sui and Tang Hing, the Song and Yuan dynasties, red yellow, red, yellow, yellow more Dynasty dedicated. Qin Liangyu due to the Prince of Zhao give CPIC Patent closure Wife, produced, it can be served phoenix gown of yellow satin python shirt. Antique Suo Ji contains pillars Qin Liangyu Jin Pao, very grown up. For Qin Liangyu Jin Pao song: ... Gong Jin returned ask shirt literary brilliance wrong embroidery are Tin Chak ... Jin Pao Yue Mannv sing, bow clothing co-embroidered official papers. Can be seen that the original possession of Shizhu Qin Liangyu family temple Seiko doing fine jersey is very famous nike heels  .

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