brand of non-rational nike high heels

July 19 [Thu], 2012, 11:27

 nike heels australia  According to his interpretation, the brand is a product of the commodity economy; brand grows in the minds of consumers. Only extremely rich in goods, consumers have sufficient choice of market conditions, it may have on similar goods in a brand preferences and love, and even loyalty. And China after decades of planned economy, peoples brand awareness is very weak. Reform and opening up, China was gradually from a planned economy to a market economy, a growing range of goods, competition between similar products gradually increased, which created the brand for the peoples attention and generate the necessary market conditions. However, compared with Western nations, the course of Chinas market economy is really too short. This regard the decision of the Chinese brands growing conditions of the tender; the other hand, Chinese enterprises destined to create a brand of non-rational nike high heels  .

nike heels  Can be said that in recent years, China continues to create brands, while continually destroy the brand, its causes, on the one hand and Chinas production of both operators and consumers are not sophisticated features associated with this era, with certain historical inevitability; the other hand, due to short-term historical development of Chinese enterprises and the lack of market experience. Looking at the internationally renowned brands: IBM, Marlboro, SONY, etc., which are not after a few decades or even centuries, after the brutal competition in the market honed and developed up to now it?

 nike high heels  Many Chinese brands hope overnight home Yuguang Xiao, well known. Profit-oriented enterprises in the general social attitude driven by the "name" for the sake  of profit, a departure from, or simply do not know how to build a market economy mechanism in the basic law of the brand, that is to meet customer demand-led marketing rules, mostly brand vigorous start, disappeared end, run out of steam. The reason, in addition to the lack of market experience, the brand management theory with practical experience of the poor lack is the result we have established an important cause of ineffective brands australia .

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