inter-regional jeremy scott adidas development

July 18 [Wed], 2012, 11:42

Brand apparel industry adidas jeremy scottin China today, by region, can generally be divided into Shanghai school clothing, Beijing school clothing, school clothing Hangzhou, Guangdong school clothing, Chinese school clothing, warm school clothing, school clothing Fujian, Hong Kong and Taiwan clothing. Such as the Beijing School clothing, stress free and easy steady, the use of more traditional style design, but it is focusing on the choice of fabric, color neutral pH, pay attention to clean lines and elegant, refined look to wear but steady. Guangdong were trendy apparel financial and practical in one, elegant and natural new era hats color tone, the use of thin cotton fabric, cut appropriately, changing styles, clean lines and smooth. Shanghai school clothing, filling high-end luxury, in a dignified fashion and lively look into the stable, and many more silk fabric, soft and smooth, texture, pure natural, luxurious and generous.

Evident in all regions have their own distinctive brand of clothing geographical features and historical and cultural materials settling down to work style and other characteristics, but also East and West was able to reflect all parts of our resident fashion apparel and consumer culture orientation. Early in a market economy, all regions of the clothing brand one of the tyrants, it is difficult to form a national brand, and when with the WTO accession, the face of the invasion of foreign brands, regional brands become bigger and stronger clothing, you must first go inter-regional jeremy scott adidas development reasons, as soon as the occupation of the national market, made a national brand.

Only intimate knowledge of these issues before cheap baseball hats they can consider whether to enter the wholesale baseball capsregional market.

Second, accurate and detailed grasp of the target market

market in the target area have a full in-depth market analysis, you must be the target market segments, the cheap mlb hats segments of the main principles is the target consumer group for the science division and accurate options, such as the consumers natural conditions: male or female, age; consumers social conditions, a single person or married person? Public class, white-collar or jeremy scott wingselite; the consumers situation: conservative, aggressive type or fashion model? Affect the consumers means of communication: media and frequency of contact. Brand clothing companies only have these issues after an accurate grasp of detail, in order to have a basic target market to determine, thus taking into target market strategy, time, place and manner.

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