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July 12 [Thu], 2012, 11:08

Not long ago, the Commerce Department reported that first get "old" title of the 430 companies (brands) on the list, Shanghai Heng Yuan Xiang as impressively old cheap mlb hats textiles and clothing into the head. This has a 80-year-old brand Why can stay young? Recently, the reporter of this old family businesses interviewed to obtain the secret of this evergreen brand. In the interview, Shanghai Heng Yuan Xiang (Group) Co., Ltd. official told reporters, after all, the brand is the consumers memory, "the revitalization of old works" can enhance consumer brand memory. This is a brand companies are looking for.

In Hengyuanxiang view, the old unique wholesale bseball caps advantage is in the minds of consumers of memory. But if the blind old-fashioned, lack of innovation, even the most brilliant old will lose the charm. Old, as a brand, needs to continue to maintain and enhance the need to constantly "beauty" and "beauty."

Maintain the brand, Heng Yuan Xiang most willing to invest. According to reports, the total cost of the brand Hengyuanxiang divided into three parts: First, the import cost, which is the foundation. If a companys brand in the consumer memory can not be ranked in the top seven sectors, it is not a real brand. And to top 7, there will be import costs. How much of this cost is not determined by the enterprises themselves, but by the industry has ranked first seven brand into the enterprise to decide. Second, the maintenance costs. Maintain attention to input-output ratio. A brand into the market after the first 7 to maintain, requires constant maintenance. The cost is from the industry with a strong brand influence the input to the set. The third is to enhance the cost, which is the key. Brand in the market operations, and ultimately to improve the effectiveness and efficiency, and become profitable. In order to enhance the industrys position through, you must pay the cost of brand promotion.

Some of the old long been eclipsed years, because they have completed the import brands, but not to maintain and enhance the brand, it is difficult for consumers to keep the memory grass is always greener. The Hengyuanxiang to youth often is because companies continue to maintain and enhance the brand. For example, in recent years, Heng Yuan Xiang Group and Donghua University set up a national body of the first personal information database, the forward-looking research projects, industry experts described as "a sign of Chinas apparel industry event, will lead our country clothing industry a revolutionary development. "

Again in 2005, Heng Yuan Xiang became the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sponsor, but wholesale new era hats also among Chinese textile and apparel industrys first Olympic sponsors. This will greatly enhance the reputation in the market, Heng Yuan Xiang, personality and culture, and international Hengyuanxiang lay a solid foundation.

Currently still under study by Heng Yuan Xiangs five senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and performance of the brand. Most companies use only the visual, regardless of advertising, promotion or termination, most of the visual-based carrier. But in a homogenization of the era, consumers quickly numb, so the need for more innovative ways to stimulate the consumers memory. Heng Yuan Xiang hopes to vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste the full establishment of contact points to communicate with consumers, which is also rare in the international arena.

Of course, these are just a part of brand development plans. In fact, back in 1999, Heng Yuan Xiang on the development of a detailed "strategic blueprint Hengyuanxiang twenty-first century", and in 2001 began, Heng Yuan Xiangs future goal is to organic management and the Chinese culture with Hengyuanxiang , the Chinese peoples interpretation of the value and happiness, through business practices and business model that allows consumers an enjoyable and memorable experience - Hengyuanxiang experience.

2007, ushered in the 80th anniversary of Hengyuanxiang branding. In this memorable day, Heng Yuan Xiang will be achieved through 80 years and wholesale baseball hats the history and culture, so that more people remember Heng Yuan Xiang.

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