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July 10 [Tue], 2012, 10:10

"Golden family" center of world famous fashion show held twice a year, the province is not only elegant fashion novel griffey shoes large-scale carnival, Hunan has become much attention and look forward to the long-lasting fashion event. Winter 2006 fashion show golden family on December 21 at the Dolton Hotel Ballroom, fifth floor ABCD.

Show in front of people from the Italian mens brand, "refined, elegant, simple," the ErmenegildoZegna, there are also from Italy, insist modern style and traditional elegance combined with practical sewing craft in Italy Gornia. Season Gornia men to "enjoy the warm" griffey shoes as the theme, leisure series mainly pleasant, memorable for the appeal, the use of cotton DuPont, 3M cotton youngest of the best materials to create a comfortable warm feeling relaxed, formal series of either high branch, worsted yarn or fabric itself emphasized the harmony of texture and skin protection. Women have the Italian brand MaxMara, JEFEN; Germany HAUBER, and France ECACA. MaxMara design philosophy this season from this seasons multi-level perspective of fantasy, but JEFEN the opening of Paris Fashion Week as the only Chinese brand, still in Italy, wool, silk, hemp and other natural materials, and Italy-based high-tech new materials , again from the fabric reflects the brands noble and elegant. HAUBER places fur and many decent winter accessories emphasize the feeling of luxury, and ECACA remains committed to meet the senior ladies how various types of social situations, the use of the dressing with the need for social etiquette.

Worlds second largest German sporting goods maker Adidas Group Chairman Herbert Hainer recently accepted an interview with German news agency said the companies in Asia as the biggest growth market the next few years, to 2010 , the groups turnover in Asia from the current 2 billion euros to 3.5 billion euros.

Hainer said that China is in Asia, the most important market, by 2010, the adidas Group in China to achieve € 1 billion turnover. To this end, the next few years in China, Adidas and Reebok stores will increase to 5,000 stores and 2000.

Hainer also said that India is Asias second largest market. In India, Reebok sports a 50% market share, Adidas sports a 25% market share. griffey sneakers Adidas Group, the next few years will add a large number of stores in India. In 2007 alone, the adidas Group are prepared in India, an additional 70 stores and 200 Adidas Reebok store.

Heiner said, to catch up with the worlds largest sporting goods manufacturer Nike, the Asian market alone is not enough, it must occupy the U.S. market. To this end, the adidas Group in 2006 to 3.1 billion euros to buy the U.S. Reebok. Hainer said the merger plan progress. In 2007, Reebok brand Adidas Group will invest 50 million euros.

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