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July 09 [Mon], 2012, 10:55

HOLA Rite store not only the continuation of the HOLA Wujiaochang usual exquisite taste, but also bring 5 Style Room., and strive to give consumers the most intuitive, stylish home ideas. In over 15 categories 15,000 kinds of commodities, based on the use of continuously improving product quality, excellent service, fast product replacement rate, in line with the Chinese lifestyle products designed to meet the various needs of consumers is the HOLA Rite has been the guiding principle. HOLA Rite has nike dunk heels a specific home designer, every year, according to the then popular home design and display. Release season home improvement trends, to provide consumers with home and home software installed trend information furnished inspiration. Thus, Style Room appearance not only give consumers a visual and intuitive, it enables consumers to keep home from Taiwan and the world trend of fashion. The stores Style Room Wujiaochang invited special design director from Taiwan to design, to ordinary family life as the background for our interpretation of the five groups of different styles of home design, I believe, after reading some professional designers design will add to your home life and creative inspiration.

Also worth mentioning is that, HOLA Rite in maintaining their own characteristics, sound business model, based on a breakthrough in seeking a higher level. Try to build a new home features living together square - and happy home square. Through the combined effect of economies of scale, brand to attract more attention of consumers and businesses. Rite Group is also the headquarters in Shanghai after another generous action, which is also not difficult to see for the booming mainland market jordan high heels confidence.

stationed in the future development of its first store in Shanghai in mainland China Xianxia shop, after two years of operation has reached a nike jordan heels satisfactory the harvest. Beijing, Hangzhou and Chengdu have also made an unexpected good results, but also make HOLA Rites leadership, staff and even consumer confidence in its future development and look forward to. HOLA Rite will be the next to East as a base and then expand to the north, southern China. Expansion mode to a predominantly urban, and then spread to the neighboring satellite cities. Such as the North China will be Beijing-based, and then extended to Dalian, Qingdao and other places, and South China will be in Shenzhen, Guangzhou-based, and then extended to Dongguan. Chengdu-based West region will be extended to other areas. 2008 plans to open 30 stores in the Mainland.

HOLA Rite stationed Wujiaochang Wanda Plaza, Yangpu District, Ningbo is the second store, the second Wanda cooperation projects. Wanda square value is great potential for development. Wujiaochang is currently the focus of development and construction of Yangpu District, Shanghai four city center as one of the regions, especially great development potential. HOLA Rite Wujiaochang Wanda shop located in the northeast corner of building commercial center group; east political path, north of Ambassador Road, south of Wal-Mart shopping plaza, west of Warner movie studio. Not only in the construction of the M8 line, and transportation infrastructure in the ring as a convenience, but also because of its unique culture and charm - many from Fudan University, Tongji, big money, the other outside the school graduates are willing to settle down settle down around his alma mater - - and will have complete facilities. In addition, unlike Xianxia HOLA Rite stores and shops in residential areas Xinsong as the main support features, Yangpu Wujiaochang There is another advantage is that the gradual development of its business. Wujiaochang existing commercial buildings 90,600 square meters, "during" the new business area will reach 805,100 square meters, driven by the major companies are white-collar spending power and purchasing power really should not be underestimated.

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