let cheap mlb hats the children come up with a boys courage

July 06 [Fri], 2012, 11:10

Design childrens clothing this winter colorful diversity, such as the popular floral, sports, colorful design style, etc., are widely used in fashionable winter clothing design. Respect for adult men and women is not only a popular trend of the patent, the same design to integrate childrens clothing fashion, casual, comfortable and fun refined taste, fashion and other multiple elements. Garments Co., Ltd. wholesale new era hats Shanghai Companion smiles brand childrens clothing, has been named for six consecutive years, "Shanghai Famous Brand", smiling childrens clothing design from the last major study of childrens own characteristics, to draw closer to the trend of todays adult characteristics of equipment ; from the past, mainly silk embroidery process and ethnic characteristics and the formation of smiling brand features, and now continuing to draw on the latest international fashion elements, the "smiling" Kids follow the trend, won the children love.

Smiling childrens clothing designer in the design of childrens clothing this winter, the more attention to the performance of the harmony between man and nature beauty, describing children full of sunshine, wholesale bseball caps full of fantasy, fun-filled childhood. The main season launched the "fashion beat," and "Military Sensation" two series.

"Military Sensation" to locate in leisure style to brigade-based. On the whole military style with neat, let cheap mlb hats the children come up with a boys courage and determination, and with some ultra-cool neutral dress. Design and the practical philosophy, style, stylish and clean profile advocate; the same time rigorous, elegant, fine craftsmanship is characteristic of this series. Simple style, exquisite detail, the use of other skin mark, buttons, ribbon, wool collar and other decorative elements of fashion, in a rich visual appearance, while more active style of clothing and fashion personality personal highlights.

"Fashion beat" to highlight childrens fashion, personality characteristics for the design, colorful, innovative and unique in design, style, fashion sense. The use of soft colors and fashion personality, a combination of warm fabrics feel, using wholesale baseball hats the popular lion patterns, decorative patterns through changes in the location and design flexibility of shape, bring strong visual impact. Lions in Chinese culture is viewed as protective deities, people also use it as a symbol of strength and good luck with the Lions for the design, the designer of childrens growth reflects the good wishes.

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