wholesale bseball caps and positioning a distinctive high-end clothing market

July 06 [Fri], 2012, 10:51

"Like the ladies house, shadow children, where the grace so wholesale baseball hats that every local brands can do the country dance exhibition, but the city did not have a collection of all Shenzhen brand apparel market place, which is promoting the garment industry in Shenzhen development is very unfavorable. "Recently, professional clothing in Shenzhen, the annual conference attended by hundred local garment enterprises expressed the anguish.

Shenzhen is Chinas fashion brand womens clothing, especially the bridgehead and the birthplace of womens domestic brands accounted for more than 60% market share. However, each brand are alone. Shenzhen clothing sponsor organization of professional managers to Yang Jun told reporters that at present the most popular point of sale terminals including Direct, associates and franchisees, agents, etc., but the prospects are not clear. Specifically, homegrown, although large profits can be the greatest risk; point deduction if associated with wholesale new era hats shopping malls, though the risk is small, but the discount was rampant, vicious competition seriously, the accumulation of funds at least 60 days, is not conducive to cash flow; join or agent and there are 70% off sales, the first 100% of the exchange problem, not enhance stability. "So, Shenzhen is now an urgent need for a better introduction of the terminal model to help large enterprises bigger and more powerful, to support SME development and growth."

"How can a stranger to the deep, he wants the Shenzhen clothing caught, go where? "Shen Yongfang Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, attracted a lot of questions to think. She pointed out that Shenzhen is still a lack of focus, wholesale bseball caps and positioning a distinctive high-end clothing market, the lack of a distribution center for all brands.

Lo Wu Gate new cheap mlb hats White Horse Clothing Market Co., Ltd. Huang Chong interested in this service enterprises in Shenzhen, urged "hold." Not long ago, he invited more than 500 domestic enterprises to explore new economic situation, clothing distribution terminal operators and the cooperation patterns, and on-site signing Industry Innovation Alliance. Currently, nearly 80% of the Shenzhen market brand clothing entered the new White Horse.

Insiders pointed out that last year, a total of more than 100 world famous brands into China, they even Chinese brands on the specific store location and sales volume, reimbursement rates and other well known. "This gives the Shenzhen garment sounds an urgent alarm, do not hold together gather together, a huge market is likely to disappear instantly."

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