nike dunk heels become the citys new casual

July 05 [Thu], 2012, 12:00

competition will push the market positioning of the times . Each product can not meet all the requirements of consumers, each product on the market only to some specific customers they serve, to give full play to their strengths, to provide more effective services. China today is undergoing profound social transition, the gradual breakdown of social class: SOHO, the middle class ... ... even into the future social CLUB economy, JW family, "the citys new casual," the target consumer group locked in a successful career "City business man", it is clear that this part of the consumer at the consumer CLUB part of the spire. In the high-end market, which some consumers are very value of human nature and mental identity.

Therefore, "the citys new casual" in style, color, fabric and craft standards aimed at high-end market prospects, combined with real-life business in the city Men living conditions, efforts to show the man the city an elegant, relaxed, very calm and relaxed way of life, is a history and culture through the city after the style of sedimentation.

refined USP: "delightful and pleasing to the eye by a man" to nike dunk heels become the citys new casual

selling proposition for each product USP (unique selling proposition) is to ask the product targeted selling. And this selling point is not merely the technical content of the product itself, company background, people orientation. You can also consider the packaging, color, store locations, and so on.

"new urban casual" advocacy "laid-back way of life" is a success-based, forms of leisure, while the "new urban casual" content on the product convey a more modern man decompression core values. Therefore, a targeted consumer group from the product received a kind of spiritual ownership and identity, will make a man "delightful." Pleasing to the eye it? Is the "new urban casual" fresh, elegant, eye-catching products, establish unique temperament. Therefore, "the citys new casual" to influence men through the product life, which has become the pursuit of a spiritual man.

Second, the product strategy: to break the homogenization, highlighting sales advocating

only to extract a distinct product name, USP external circumstances is not enough only the product itself to differentiation strategy, in order to fundamentally different from other men, be possible to establish a strong brand, long-term win the market.

"new urban casual" nature of the performance to be fully, clearly, the consumer advocate can enjoy and create sales potential release into the key. Therefore, different men for urban living conditions, introducing the Kingsway family, "the new urban business casual", "new city holiday casual", "City travel new casual" to highlight the selling proposition.

in design pleasing design on the theme, in the traditional craft into casual style based on the unique urban men through advocacy leisurely life, focusing on consumers spiritual communication. The design of the product introduced some new ideas and popular elements, jordan heels process, also increased the bold individuality of expression.

dissolved in high-tech nano-fabric fabric technology to meet the functional return of the concept nike heels of structure and a new wave of technological change. In the "new urban casual" in nature and rub into the healthy, elegant elements, emphasizing the details of the changes in the overall performance tends to concise, elegant, so to maintain the citys image of a man, but also has strong randomness, you can in different combinations to achieve an effect of changing clothes.

end stores in the stores on the face of consumer products group is a window to create a terminal store atmosphere, highlighting the product theme, in order to achieve pleasing results in order to please the mind relaxed space to meet the man in the face of fast-paced urban life and work, they can totally feel the "taste, with your heart," the product content.

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