revitalization of the Italian new era hats fashion industry

July 05 [Thu], 2012, 11:22

Liu Xiang at the signing ceremony, said the contract with the Firs, first of all because there had been a year with Shanshan basis of friendly cooperation; followed Firs innovation, spirit and pursuit of excellence attitude, and its pursuit of the cause of track and field hurdles and attitude is exactly the same, Firs and across the barriers he has continued to challenge higher-speed pursuit of a common goal. "Thank Firs, Firs formal occasions I wear suits." This is the praise of the Asian night on the Firs.

Athens Olympics, Shanshan Liu Xiang, the first time, rushed and signed, Shanshan Liu Xiang became the only global apparel brand endorsements. Liu Xiang to a "China has me, Shanshan have you," resounded through the north and south, cheap new era hats Shanshan Liu Xiang and the combination of a classic 2005 fashion story. Continue beyond the Olympic champion, innovative clothing brand, both the perfect fit, the common interpretation of the "young, healthy, stylish," the popular theme. Because of Shanshan, Liu Xiang and the more attractive men; because Liu Xiang, Shanshan more brand personality, the two embraced each other. Shanshan chairman Zheng Yonggang, said: Liu Xiang of China on behalf of the speed, Shanshan of Chinas leading apparel brand, Liu Xiang, self-improvement, cross the limit, the image and spirit of hard work up and Firs "young, healthy and fashion," the core services concept is very consistent. Liu Xiang is the best, Shanshan is the best, this is the perfect combination. Liu also said frankly, and Shanshan cooperation is powerful combination.

as representative of mainstream domestic apparel brand, Shanshan received awards too numerous to mention: "Chinese famous brand" and "China Famous Trademark", "China Apparel Brand of the Year Achievement Award", "Chinas first environmental protection through certified clothing brand, "" National inspection-free product quality, "and so on. Shanshan Shanshan to the re-signing as a new milestone in the brand culture. Liu Xiang, the sun, young, healthy image will make the next year Shanshan brand image even more powerful than complete again, in the tradition of the brands consistency on the vitality of Shanshan was more an extension.

Dolce & Gabbana logo of the brand from its two founders in the name of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Their boutique headquartered in Milan, with brands such as Gucci and Prada with the revitalization of the Italian new era hats fashion industry.

Domenico Dolce, 1958 was born on August 13, the largest island of the Mediterranean island of Sicily near Palermo Polizzi Generosa. He was very young his father began in a small garment factory do Saverio designer.

Venetian descent Stefano Gabbana, 1962 Nian 11 was born March 14 in Milan. He first study graphic design and painting, and later on had cheap baseball hats a great interest in fashion.

They met in Milan after a fashion assistant designer to do the work for two years, then they decided to open an own design studio. Based on expression and convey a strange, highly personal taste of the new concept, the two men came together and began their friendship and cooperation, to share the art and architecture of the Baroque style of love. In 1985, they combined the names of two people set up their own company. Appreciation of the design products we can appreciate, the two partners, most of the inspiration comes from the Sicilian Dolce design.

Dolce & Gabbana is the first stand in the fashion industry in Milan in 1985 to display their fashion show in three new concept named products. The two "duet who" made the breakthrough for the expended a lot of effort, its success also depends on another important factor is of course the reporter was watching the show and audience recognition.

The brand is labeled "Made in Italy" products of the new generation of top-level representatives, soon known worldwide. The success of the first to give a great deal of confidence in the Dolce & Gabbana, to make them in the fashion design along its own unique perspective to create their own fashion brands. Since then, its range of products will gradually expand the open.

Dolce & Gabbana Mens brand new 2006 is to bring us an unprecedented visual impact.

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