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July 05 [Thu], 2012, 12:19

different from the traditional singing competition, different from the monotonous beauty catwalk. The evening of 11 December 2005, by the "fashion pioneer" Ai Di Si Bang Wei DEDECATES "Fujian Ai Di Si Bang Wei hip-hop Party" nike dunk heels staged a hip-hops gluttonous feast. From Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, many "champions" to physically speak, speak with the dance, and gathered from the hundreds of "street family", a cool, assertive interpretation of the "hip-hop night of passion." , creating a fashion "Dance tide precedent."

night 9:00, " Ai Di Si Bang Wei Hip Hop Party" in the dynamic rhythm of the music declared the opening passion immediately ignited, instant energy burst. DJ skillfully converted with vinyl, the audiences blood boil "street family" who will usher in a hearing on a wonderful experience. Performing the process, "experts were" full of the pleasure of HIP-HOP rhythm out of the eighteen-hyun dancer - from the simple random walk strides, hard to walk away with the difficulty of flip action, single handstand, top turn, a large Each windmill spin ... ... dance improvisation seems to play but no rules to follow, it seems more like performing Tiaodang maneuvers in their own world, to the audience "street family" fashion unprecedented visual impact.

court action cool free and easy publicity, field activity under the dancing more than a factor - the audience spread to almost boiling temperature of the scene everyone, not only is the host, the audience, even the guest seats Wang brothers Dizhibuzhu the heart of passion, which is Ai Di Si Bang Wei are geared to the young and avant-garde visual style, which is advocated by Ai Di Si Bang Wei passion and outspoken young life. If, as the fashion is a state of calm, a worldly, active lifestyle; if, as is the casual spirit of joy, a kind of metaphysical, from the inside out wearing a taste, then, "Love Meredith Bonwe hip-hop party "night, for the heat and imaginative" street family "is, then is the" fashion in the carnival, to be sought after leisure "- because of the vinyl DJs" master "," Fujian love Meredith Bonwe hip-hop Party "was the first time passion detonated, because Shanghai Dragon Dance --- Wang Han, Beijing Li its 5 +5, Guangzhou CTRL SYSTE - Master Tsai and many other" champions "of the stage appearance, the long-awaited "masters" finally close at hand. Of course, for television in 2004 won the national hip-hop collective the third contest of the "Fujian Ai Di Si Bang Wei " portfolio, this night they understand the "Hero Brief Encounter" - because, Ai Di Si Bang Wei brand fashion for many years and respected modern leisure with their "coincide"; that night they really "boiling" - because he and every young " Ai Di Si Bang Wei " people shouted loud fashion statement: so like fashion and the courage to highlight the self-personality into "hip-hop" culture, so chase dynamic avant-garde, free energy of passion you and I, he fell in love " Ai Di Si Bang Wei ""no matter what age, has hat and no cattle in; no matter what age, as are the popular is a classic; no matter what age, there are some fashion brand is second to none! "see" Ai Di Si Bang Wei Hip Hop Party "scenes so hot, she had brothers and said with deep feeling, in the era of individuation , the "young family" should be the fashion sun, warm and avant-garde, dynamic combination of self-confidence. Over the years, Ai Di Si Bang Wei quality clothing with a soft material spontaneous beauty of masculine boys, girls with a gentle style depicts the image of delicate sensibility, impressionistic color patterns with the romantic "Young Pioneers" the vigor and vitality, nike heels and is not frivolous , not cold, and arrogant inner world, and with elements of fashion and leisure, the "young family" hidden wealth to get more emotional release, and thus get rid of the "modern urban disease" boring bound, to some extent both moved clothing fashion world to promote the progress of the consumer market clothing, but also to achieve a monotonous fashion into the atmosphere of the times - this is the Wang brothers on a new understanding of fashion casual apparel, is a true portrayal of Ai Di Si Bang Wei .

about Ai jordan heels Di Si Bang Wei brand image, Wang said, is to get young people to think of fashion will associate it with the clothing brand. This was not only because the "vanguard of fashion," Benny led the pursuit of fashion, like uninhibited attitude to life "young family", which makes the " Ai Di Si Bang Wei " in the minds of more consumers have the status of its strong brand is more important is as a casual brand, Ai Di Si Bang Wei not just a "flawless" to dress, but also represents a fashion personality, a personal life, it is hip-hop culture symbols. Also, from the hands of designers Koreas big dogs " Ai Di Si Bang Wei masterpiece , both Japanese and Korean fashion fusion of elements, and the essence of Oriental culture, on the fashion affects leisure, natural, taste, classic, dynamic design techniques , and the "Young Pioneers" common interpretation of a wonderful life, fashion and leisure. It can be unreservedly embodies the goals of consumer culture and personality, can be done with a clear idea of ??infinite extension of the brand development of the brand culture, brand and consumer demands of the real agreement of the "resonance."

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