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July 05 [Thu], 2012, 12:16

single management system specification from the store, the company provides to the franchisee, including a "business service standards," "store display techniques," "A customer asked the clerk Standard", "shop to enhance the performance Skills "," product knowledge "," store staff job description "," Logistics Management Standards "," inventory specifications "," POS System Manual "and including" shop operations manual ", as much as the total number of one hundred . Even in this area who had just cut into the clothing business who will soon enter the orbit of normalized operations. Commissioner based shop franchisee and staff training of the system, the headquarters will be regularly sent representatives to the financial, administrative, sales techniques, inventory management, service standards and other aspects of the implementation of comprehensive guidance to address the franchisee in the business encountered all the issues, to join to be a peace of mind to walk away nike heels dispensers.

so Jianyang northern Fujian region, Lee Lang casual sales far more than SEVEN and joeone, reason is that the dealer is based solely on the way to build brand operation.

had the same idea is not only a Lee Lang, with the love of all at one place, director of marketing Hu Haidong Clothing Co., Ltd. also began to transform the companys distribution system. Hu Haidong this years sales are mainly to do around the terminal, the slogan is to upgrade the quality of the entire terminal. Hu argues that just as Ba Jin, Qipai although the image on the terminal upgrade, but the real thing and not really improved. For all the love go ahead and promote Direct system. Jinjiang nike jordan heels apparel enterprises generally take the total distribution agent, and then find distributors to join, and Hu decided to cut off parts of the total distribution to equity, the office of the way, flat channel, the direct contribution of the intermediate profits to distributors. Hu Haidong admitted taking a differentiation step is to bear the pains to reach maturity, but to achieve the goal of well-known trademark, it must be time for the opponents front.

this end, the love of all dealers this year will focus on comprehensive training, and other companies is different is that love is taken is to focus on a combination of lectures and practical mode of operation , talk about the brand strategy of these vague things, but putting the focus set at the actual needs on-line shop. Hu Haidong expected, love all this will put in 200 million.

love to start again with all of their unspeakable suffering. Back in 2001, love to do are to find a spokesperson Wang Hao in the clothing business in the Jinjiang, be proactive. Monopoly by the wholesale shift in the process of love are doing very well, was later Ba Jin, Li Lang Qipai even have surpassed. At the same time love are also suffering from negative press spokesperson for the brand impact. Nevertheless, Hu Haidong was no denying the tremendous role of advertising. Are positioned as consumers love is the $ 800-1000 income working-class, nothing special entertainment for these people, television has become an important tool for entertainment, so the role jordan high heels of advertising is more prominent. Hu believes that in many respects, although other brands have done well, but advertising is still the source of their power to accelerate as the year before and last years profit Rimula Lang.

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