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July 04 [Wed], 2012, 12:51

In fact, the first step, seven wolves, and the country is currently in Jinjiang, the leader has to establish their own position. The Ba Jin and nike dunk heels Qipai as financial strength, build through advertising, has established a strong position. For more clothing enterprises in Jinjiang, how to break through in their own circles is the top priority.

Lee Lang fashion in the beginning of the Vice President Hu Cheng eyes, Jinjiang, now jordan heels the competition is basically casual homogeneous herd, the consumer no choice, the price war has become inevitable, and how out of the cycle of price wars, Hu believes that differentiation has become an inevitable trend.

Lee Lang broadcast in the media last year to Chen Tao-ming for the endorsement of image advertising, publicity because of its "business casual" concept sprung up everywhere. Hu Cheng beginning of that nature, Jinjiang casual wear are similar, the key is who should keep up with consumer demand. From advertising for some companies to competition, some enterprises in order to show strength, while others demand and the real is to select the spokesperson. Currently, Lee Lang of advertising as a whole reflects the high education, but also shows how to select the ads for the cautious and wise.

Because of its strength, and many other reasons, Lee Lang brand still in the stage of cultivation. Therefore, the growth stage Lilang very strict selection of dealers, Hu believes that the reason why many companies can not form in the market effect, because dealers do not have the same brand and business concept. Lee Lang and franchisee relationship can be likened to "marriage", the two sides share bliss, when in trouble with. Franchisee, poor management or poor credit, a direct impact on the brands image and interests. So join the Lee Lang, based in receipt of an application, the applicant will carry out strict inspection status and screening, only to meet the capital, experience, management capabilities to operating profit are before Lang dress, use such means to ensure the sound development of the brand.

headquarters of franchisee stores in your area carry out a detailed survey district, the target consumer groups, surveys, assist the franchisee to choose the right shop, shop to ensure the success rate. Brand based CI Manual by Lee Lang, shop / office decoration and construction, operating franchisees, POS system, a unified posters, merchandising and a series of guidance for the franchisee, "copy" a Lilang store. Only consistent only with the external "form" like conditions, while the real "God" also is the consistency of the management system. This same system is not only a written agreement entered into or executed the same. Lee Lang brand has attracted a large number of franchisees, because Lilang good management system to attract and bring together a group nike heels of outstanding professionals, and these people for franchisees to provide a good brand, product, management, marketing, logistics, training various backup platforms.

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