highlight the characteristics of velvet fabric

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 12:48

Recently, Lee Lang Garments Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University and Enterprise Cooperation Committee signed on as the clothing of the Committees first private members, and hired four experts as members of expert advisory Lee Lang. Lee Langjiang relying on a strong teaching and research efforts, Tsinghua University, seeking a business financial intelligence of the road, www.jordanohighheels.com to help facilitate the rapid expansion of the Lang solution formed in a variety of enterprise system, culture, strategy management bottlenecks.

Since February this year, Lee Lang, President Mr. Wang Liangxing personally led the senior leadership of all 70 people participated in Tsinghua University School of Continuing Education Tametoshi Lang, senior manager of training courses tailored to learn. Through the study at Tsinghua University, so that all managers unifying concept, unified values, feelings of modern management mechanism innovation boost.elegant suit is the best expression of clothing types. In response to the theme of the black tide, pure color this fall season, will wear black clothing. Many brand launched the "black with black" design, many of which are innovative for. To make a more layered black clothing, designers are using all possible ways on the foil material, such as with a sense of light with a thin black jacket design jeans or black leather jacket with wide trousers, in order to visually create a contrast effect, so that "black with black" is more three-dimensional fashion. In addition, to be different, you can carefully choose black clothing inside the shirt, for example, can wear a design concept art from the Baroque era, with the Russian national character design and dark dot shirt, black clothing so unique.

Obscure dark suit with dark-colored clothing jordan heels to show the level of a sense of elegance to send men into winter this year, another great match. Such as the classic striped suit, autumn and winter this year, according to different preferences, different shades of brightness stripes style, Versace stripes obviously, with the main theme of the relatively strong dark, put on the body will look slender, with a silk inside shirts, more gentle. Gucci stripe suit is different, darker stripes, but more emphasis on a suit and tie on the Logo pattern of three-dimensional.

Handsome reminder: the formal look wearing a dark suit and the Department, it is best to wait until the weather is cold, when worn, or a grand occasion wear. Contrast striped background nike heels with a large striped suit and not suit everyone to dress nice, taller people to wear looks better.not let the ladies in the fall and winter becomes infinite tenderness, has become the men of the protagonist. Velvet perfectly captures the men hidden in the heart of gentle mood, so that soft shiny material into their inner world the best endorsement. From the trend of men with velvet are some of the ringing of the big brands, Ar-mani, SalvatoreFerragamo, CalvinKlein, the main trend of the big brands make you heart?

bright velvet makes sense in itself is already very heart. CalvinKlein as a bold attempt to promote can wear a full set of the same color as the velvet suit. If you do not want too much publicity, as SalvatoreFerragamo can learn to match a different material, such as dark green velvet jacket and a dark plaid Trousers mix, creating a rich texture.

To highlight the characteristics of velvet fabric, we must try it with other fabrics together with the effect of wear. Such as colorful and long velvet coat, which can wear cotton T-shirt or a shirt with printed detail. In cold weather, you can also wear a nice wool neck scarves, both casual, and warm.

Handsome reminder: velvet fabric is quite distinctive, glowing under the light effect, you can wear in the grand occasion. If you worry too much eye-catching velvet clothing, recommended that men nike dunk heels wear velvet jackets separately, or wear a velvet collar of the suit, can enhance their current degree.

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