to be show such an affair is

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 12:41

Dragon Prince Mens World, both filled with "Chinese style" grand of gas, and filling the nike jordan heels romance of the European salon, which we are now also ancient Chinese and Western styles of clothing to give the wearer one kind of detached refined, Zoran written for the "spirit of the air", giving a most exciting, hope Iyataka feeling.

People-oriented, aesthetic design and uncompromising style, Dragon Prince of fine mens tailoring changes through the use of rich language, clothing, inherited a fine, free and easy style, reflect a mature man of the classic taste, with solemn, personality, unique fashion concept of meaning, creating a new era of mans "self-confident, natural, good." Dragon Prince of clothing jordan high heels

quiet and unassuming language, modern and unique classical charm, not just in the use of fabrics and colors, and even plain fabrics also have to inspire people to imagine a variety of fabric textures. Excellent natural fabrics - Italian luxury cashmere and worsted wool and textile in China, exquisite craftsmanship, form the Dragon Princes unique brand of mens elegant image, but also the use of color will never reveal the inherent taste for the color of men, reflecting a classic, the perfect combination of mystery and romance. Dragon Prince is both mature and modern men lack the success of the image of the performance of the best, so that men wearing clothing Dragon Prince is more confident, mature, full nike heels taste. Men in the Kingdom of Dragon Prince, people were pretty clothing, clothing for beauty in the person - with shine, shine doubled.

Dragon Prince, wearing a more fashionable in todays era, although the national, regional cultural differences, costumes have personality, but the international clothing and have more in common trends in the fashion world. Western-style clothing design is more suitable for modern life, while the Chinese people the essence tailored clothing, such as leisure jacket collar, buttons, bags and other detail changes in technology is very attractive, Chinese and western wall, you can create a classic and perfect.

Fashion Week at the current Beijing, Zhejiang Dragon Prince by the chief designer Liujiang Hong Garments Co., Ltd. led the design of the "Dragon Soul - Dragon Prince Mens fashion trends spring 2006 release," to be show such an affair is: filled with the din of the city in peoples minds, open our hearts and eyes are the windows, thought is the purification of the mind filters, traditional culture and modern blend of natural landscape, the Chinese guitar up and down five times in the shuttle, between dream and reality ripped through all the gaps. Finally found the time can not change the eternal laws of the world, there is always a spirit, that drives people to pursue a new interpretation of traditional clothing, so the fruit color, flowers, all kinds of fiber, and so integration of traditional culture, a designer in the garment self-released source of inspiration.

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