Such orders will be

June 28 [Thu], 2012, 11:34

spokesperson for the image of men made the most enthusiastic and most prone to errors part. "Which big name stars on whom to not only increase costs and undermine consumers understanding of the brand." Wang said so. Shanshan Liu Xiang as an ambassador was invited, but would like to promote calm personality Shanshan suit, however, it achieving its purpose. There are mens wear brand, please do speak Jordan Chan, in the public eye, Jordan is funny, kind of image, brand personality is loaded element does not include the character of these two points, consumers see the two mens endorsement ads , but rather at a loss, brand positioning is more ambiguous.

haphazard marketing system

Not long ago, mens brand in China, the birthplace of Ningbo had a let-made mens brands more embarrassing things, Shanshan suit in a mall to 2 off the price of the sale, said the backlog of old business. The move shattered the hearts of consumers, "Shanshan is not to withdraw from high-end market?"

more strange phenomenon is that of a franchisee Shanshan in a store in the fir fir, the Younger against the surface to sell. Reason is that all suits anyway, customers choose. Two brand ambassador, Fei and Liu Xiang as the challenges in the adidas 2012 wall on both sides of the same things with each other in the eye.

Firs marketing channels mainly franchisee. Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 "Not very good regional sales, franchisee discount. Corporation provides retail price maintenance suit them two thousand three thousand dollars and are willing to sell, as long as into cash." Zheng Yonggang quite a headache.

1992, Shanshan was first built in the domestic apparel industrys largest marketing network system, relying on franchisees to complete the production, supply and integration. However, as the companys development, Zheng Yonggang becoming increasingly aware that this system is to function effectively, there must be a prerequisite: the markets appetite significantly, the number of goods sold many goods. Once the market demand slowed down, the channel is no longer the channel, and become a "warehouse." Every year, so much inventory, not only to enterprises in the capital to bear on the great loss, and periodic substandard goods, discounted goods seriously damaged Shanshan brand value.

Shanshan even afford the current cost of jeremy scott wings this marketing model is not a garment enterprises to develop the future direction.

1999 September Shanshan Group made "to implement the franchise model, re-market network system," a strategic decision, but new problems began to emerge. Such orders will be, no orders are not given the final say by the consumer, nor by the sub-franchisees, but by the master franchisee closed. Since adopted a buy-out system, when the buyout of the old stock is not completely sold, the master franchisee or less will not be given when the new stock, to sell goods to the old times every franchisee; Similarly, the franchisee for the stock replenishment when the enthusiasm is not high, can not fill not fill.

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