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June 26 [Tue], 2012, 11:17
nike nfl jerseys business trading center, this is not a myth, but in the real miracle of Shenzhen Pinghu. Todays South China City, has been famous at home and abroad, radiation in Southeast Asia. As the two started the construction of the South China city once again become the focus of the industry, the Pearl River Delta further boost the market competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises, start with an impact on industrial raw materials and finished products around the world trade center.

A market based businesses up and down together delighted

"Every year, about 50% growth, it was lucky that this made the right decisions. " Yesterday morning, in the South China International Textile City clothing and accessories trading center a surface textile fabric company who cheerfully told reporters. Visited the city in the southern half time, talk with reporters each business is smiling and confident. Businessmen love to keep in the "low" today, they could not conceal his glee effort, only one point: two years in the business is certainly booming southern city up.

A security patrol is the market told reporters, every day out of the southern city of vehicles more than twenty thousand, if the two after opening, this number will turn on itself. "Sometimes too much market shipments of cars, we had to go up to help direct traffic. Two throughput than a market much larger than now when the time is certainly a busy several times. "

specializing cheap nike nfl jerseys in fabric bags asked Mr. Wong to do business in the southern city of feelings, he said excitedly: "I first came to China South City inspection, and it would be attracted here the scale is large enough, can not find such a style in the countrys market, and all aspects of starting point are high, the prospects will naturally be very OK. "Subsequently, Mr. Huang and the management of a Southern city contacts, found here not only good hardware, software environment is also quite good. "South City manager told me that the road to develop the market quickly, they specifically implement a series of innovative management, business interests are always first to ensure that the South city. "

In fact, as in the South China City Wong this business there are many. Earlier Chen venture into the South China city is one of them, referring to South City II, he told reporters with interest, and now the city one day a change in South China, the market is certainly more prosperous future. So, he would certainly choose the first stationed. "Well back into the early benefit, we have geographical advantages, but also get into the early gold shops too! " He is seen the city grow and change in South China. In his eyes, the South China city is not only very fast pace of development, prospects, and reputation gradually up loud, steady increase in passenger traffic, more and more repeat customers, volume of business is also growing.

"In fact, new nike nfl jerseys two after opening, even better than it is now southern China several times. We do not just do a professional trading center group, but to the South China city to build the city a trade and logistics city. Later in the South City consumers can easily find their favorite consumer sites, we have our own shopping center, has its own star hotel has its own food court, have their own Ladies, Men Street, has its own characteristics, cinema, These will be more comprehensive to meet consumer demand, essentially enriches the southern city service functions. when you come to the South China city is amazing, friends! "South City Marketing Center for the textile and garment trade in an interview with reporters that, after three years the rapid development of functional facilities in the South China City, its influence, management, marketing and other aspects of passenger traffic has been laid a solid foundation, which is South City II, and mode of life in the future city made a good head, the future city of South China will also take this opportunity to enter the rapid development of the fast lane.
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