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June 26 [Tue], 2012, 10:32
griffey shoes background, a large state-owned enterprises, the other is a hand-held gas pipeline franchise cities where private enterprises. End of last year, due to snatch five large industrial gas users battle staged in Shanxi Yuncheng Yongji.

this inter-enterprise "Running" state-owned enterprises to "development strategy" to clear the way private enterprises adhere to "resist foreign invasion. " However, the seemingly peaceful game, behind it simmering. The interests of business disputes ultimately "hurt" to the peoples livelihood, the local residential customers with many thousands of industrial and commercial users for this miserable.

user "upset"

"National Day, New Year, Chinese New Year... " Yongji City gas pipeline as the only franchise units, Yongji Minsheng Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yongji people") to local residents, commercial users ventilation commitment time and again come to nothing, and the final schedule is still difficult to finalize.

5 26, ken griffey shoes in Yongji Huimin district, many old people are sitting Nianyuhuajia playing cards in front of entertainment, overhead gas meter box installed for a long time covered with dust.

Huimin local government area is the construction of housing projects, to build five buildings to accommodate 336 thousand residents, 300 of them affordable housing, low-rent housing 36.

59-year-old Wu Yongle was originally a military enterprise employees, because of problems in life after bankruptcy apply only to this by the fitness room. Wu Yongle in the home, home natural gas pipeline his fingers, complained to reporters: "live in affordable housing are low-income people, hard enough and now natural gas unreasonable delay, the high cost of using electricity or gas, we have to change stoves. "

" do not give ventilation, give our money back (pipeline installation fee)! "a textile mill worker Miss Yan apparently has lost patience Yongji livelihood ken griffey jr shoes .
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