targets around the merge

June 25 [Mon], 2012, 12:36
encourage wholesale nfl jerseys "two committees" cross-office concept, a guide to the specific work of village committee elections. He told the newspaper reporter in rural south, Dongguan has a party secretary to run the village director, but the party does not support the local town, fearing damage to his partys losing credibility. And the secretary is very confident that if the villagers can be recognized, elected village director, the position will be more consolidation. In Wang Xiansheng support, the party secretary the final run, and successfully elected.

2001 years or so, start a new round of towns and villages in Guangdong merge, in order to reduce the heavy financial burden. Wang Xiansheng worry, the expanded village elections is not conducive to carry out. So he along with others proposed to the Provincial Party Committee, Guangdong Province, the situation should be considered, "the village should not set targets around the merger. "


"local policies" destroy democracy elan

in nike nfl jerseys 2012Wang Xiansheng view, village self-government of the "honeymoon period" passed quickly. Some officials began to village self-government as the Tigers release cage. The above-mentioned village party secretary who told Wang Xiansheng, after his election, the town committee secretary to him and said: "You are the village director, and after you get to the point of land, to money, it should be no problem. " He replied: "land and money is all the villagers, as long as the villagers adopted, of course, no problem. " town committee secretary very disappointed to hear, "before you dare speak? an election to change the tone. "

In order to make "more obedient" people in the village election victory, some grass-roots government through destruction of the electoral process, direct nomination of candidates for other ways to manipulate and even specified the village election process, some areas through the development of "local policies" trying to the villagers self-government in name only. In 2005, Wang Xiansheng a place to Jiangmen research. A local town committee secretary to brief him on an "innovative" approach: each village or small, located only three members of the village, village by village to a major transaction "two committees" to vote. This is the "beauty" is, as Party branch is 5, even if did not enter the village, still a majority in the vote. After listening to this approach, Wang Xiansheng was very chilling cheap nfl jerseys .
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