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June 25 [Mon], 2012, 11:55
provisions nike heels 2012 are eligible for the enterprise supply. " Zhang said bridge.

2010 December Shanxi Huasheng, Haifeng other five companies sent a letter Shanxi Aluminum compression, direct supply of natural gas required for the enterprise. But this is Yongji livelihood suspected "committed by low-cost series from" The letter has not been Yuncheng and Yongji official support.

gas central heating Yuncheng city, Shanxi office received a letter after the compression, a clear response "can not direct supply. " Yongji city government to be a rebuff, and Requests to "regulate the natural gas market. "

Although Yongji livelihood and five aluminum companies signed a gas agreement and the installation of gas facilities, the intention, but makes the air supply source of the passive full of variables.

Maolin Guanghai Aluminum has admitted: "Price is not the most important key is to supply to us as soon as possible, we can not afford to delay! "

Today , Shanxi Yuncheng, a subsidiary of the parent station compression began trial operation, Yongji individual aluminum companies have tried to pull back through the gas tank. Zhangjianqiao frankly: "The intention is to set up compression Shanxi coal gasification channel, along the direct supply natural gas pipeline companies, we are gradually advancing. "

private enterprises of the "troubles"

"More residential customers is reflected in social and political benefits, economic benefits have to rely on industrial users and only to industrial and residential users tied, only companies willing to do the deal. " Wang Yanzhong respect.

It is understood that Yongji city can not afford a billion dollars by the years natural gas pipeline network investment, decided to introduce social capital. Yongji livelihood through competitive bidding, on November 1, 2008 officially made Yongji City gas pipeline exclusive franchise for a period of 30 years.

in the text of the contract, the reporter clearly see Section 3. 5 defined the scope of license: piped form of residential, industrial and commercial users of public welfare and automotive supply natural gas, coal bed methane fuel.

2009 onwards, Yongji livelihood total investment of 40 million yuan to complete the New Street Station to the Yellow River Avenue gate, 20 kilometers east of the river in charge of road network paved courtyard home nearly 5000 pipe network, the basic covering the area concentrated, industrial users complete line has been laid.

school wholesale new era hats by the sea for reporters just T account: Yongji gas cap to 20, 000 residents, the average monthly gas consumption per household up to 15 cubic meters, the monthly sales total of 300, 000 cubic meters of gas to profit of $ 0. 05 per cubic per month profit of about $ 150, 000, year is 1. 8 million. But the annual running costs would nearly 400 million, is losing business, industrial users rely on this hole to make up.
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