billion purchase of Cargil

June 18 [Mon], 2012, 20:20
human  griffeys history, plant cells, genes, to achieve a major breakthrough in the field of biotechnology. This is considered a landmark in human history, the biotechnology revolution.

since 1985 to 1993, Monsanto conducted a number of major strategic restructuring, gradually focusing more on research and development of life sciences, agriculture, medicine and food.

1998 In May, Monsanto spent $ 2. 3 billion over the Cartesian second-largest U. S. corn business, which makes the Monsanto corn market in the United States quickly became the leader. U. S. cottonseed market, which has an overwhelming share of 85%, and the cotton industry in the global dominance.

then, Monsanto has spent $ 1. 4 billion purchase of Cargill in Central America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africas international seed trade.

1999 In May, Monsanto and Cargill jointly invest $ 150 million joint establishment of biological agricultural products development company. Years "The Wall Street Journal, " commented: "Monsanto has been effective in controlling the global seed industry nike air foampsite . "

from a common agricultural chemical company to become a "giant", Monsanto used Nearly a hundred years time. And extending their reach overseas, to complete dominance of the global seed, Monsanto took only a few short years.

2005, the Monsanto acquisition of Seminis (Shengnisi) later to become the world leader in genetically modified crops. Is just a few years after 2009, Monsanto $ 11. 7 billion in global revenue, 65% to 70% from the transgenic seed and transgenic technology patents.

since 20 years ago to focus on biotechnology research and development, now, Monsanto has a total of 600 biotechnology patents, not only ahead of U. S. seed companies, as well throw the European counterparts behind.

With this development process in recent years, Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta and Bayer research unit of Chinas foreign exchange resources and mining personnel and other varieties of cooperation, many domestic industry that is "to control the source of Chinas Seed Industry" and "worried. "

domestic seed industry "thirty hard up"

reform and opening up 30 years, compared with many industries, Chinas agricultural open the latest, the smallest degree of opening 
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