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June 02 [Sat], 2012, 10:50
adidas jeremy scott Julia Tan reported economic strength of China has attracted world attention, many analysts have also stressed that "the rise of China" is important, but an American economist, has given a contrary point of view, he said, China is not rising, but is "collapse. "

According to Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" reported on June 11, made the point that the American military and political expert George? Friedman. Writing, he advocated "the U. S. empire can last for at least 500 years. " Recently in an interview, Friedman said, Chinas export-oriented structure of conflict and poverty, the next 10 years will be plunged into "crisis. "

According adidas wings to reports, in an interview when asked about how to evaluate China, Friedman said: "I was on the evaluation of the collapse of China, not the rise of China has done well, but faces many problems of which the core issue is poverty. 600 million households on income less than $ 3 4. 4 billion people earn less than $ 6. 00. 1. 3 billion people in more than 1 billion live like Africas poverty. of course, 6000 million annual income of $ 20, 000, but the population of less than 5% of the total population of China, which is not really Chinese. "

He added: " China is no internal economies of countries in Europe and United States not to buy Chinese products will not survive, so the outside world, China is like a hostage, "" China wants to shift to higher value-added industries, but will face the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and other countries of the competition. "

When asked "what China is currently in place, " this issue, he said: "(China), Japan in 1989 as Japans growth in the bright behind the financial system collapsed, " "This is China The growth cycle of the signal to reach the limit each country to find different solutions in Japan slowed down the rate of growth. "

According cheap adidas shoes to reports, Friedman at Cornell University doctorate in political science in 1996, Louisiana State University resigned the post, opened called "strategic project, " the political, economic Foreign think tank. U. S. media called him a "shadow CIA", in recognition of his offer of political, economic and security areas of exclusive, top-secret intelligence.
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