May 31 [Thu], 2012, 12:24
ken griffey jr shoes to guide youth work, Changzhou City in an innovative pilot project, the activities through the schools history to be tested again.

Chen Jinggong the Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology, a bio-technology school freshman, his other obligations to guide identity is Zhang Tailei Memorial. Every Wednesday afternoon, Saturday morning, he must go to Zhang Tailei Memorial duty, responsible for development and residence life show some explanations.

group organization is the use of local red Changzhou resources, and guide young people a correct understanding of the Chinese Communist Party, Communist Youth League, Young Pioneers set up the whole story of the carrier: in the city all the big, primary and secondary schools in the sea election "Changzhou heroes" two museums an obligation to guide the square.

"more than 100 people at the school to interview, recruit only eight individuals. " Obligation to become instructors into the university was once Chen Jinggong feel the most proud thing, because to explain the experience, he also The "four-into" activities, volunteer preachers, into the school, in one or two hundred students to speak in front of history.

griffey shoes students to the students about history, the effect is significant.

"listened with special care, so whats wanted level you can see clear history", "No coherent, logic is not strong, but at least listen to understand, " "level is not clearly not easy to take notes, but listen very friendly "... This is after some of the students listen to Chen Jinggong recommendations.

interview, the reporter noted, Changzhou league organizations to effectively guide the classification of youth work and "learning, knowledge, with" a combination of activities, including "Changzhou Youth" microblogging group is to guide young people in the pre-classification work to lay a solid foundation to do it quickly, and thus promote a solid "four into" activities ken griffey shoes .
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