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May 30 [Wed], 2012, 12:02
griffey shoes there is a process called "discovery procedure. " According to this procedure, lawyers can anyone, any evidence collected in the survey unit, as long as with the case, confidentiality can not collect if they do not provide, lawyers can apply to a judge "found that" lawyers are so sure you can get evidence, if we get the relevant people constitute contempt of court. Our practice to a "investigation order" system is applied to the court by a lawyer, should be said that there is a certain effect, but effect is not strong, the other can be rejected, and no control measures.

Beijing ken griffey shoes News: Civil Procedure should be modified to make clear the legal status of the investigation and security measures.

Tang Wei Jian: Yes, we can not go back to collect evidence by the judges old, and certainly the parties to implement the doctrine. But the investigation so that the system needed to achieve a series of safeguards, such counsel to be more common, not the plaintiff lawyers, defense lawyers did not, but if the survey were also made by the parties to make it hell broke loose. Meanwhile, for the individual, the units also have to accept the obligation to investigate and responsibility to control, if he refused, they should have legal consequences.

Beijing News: China has not the Civil Evidence Act, Civil Procedure to modify these rules of evidence can write into it.

Tang ken griffey jr shoes Wei Jian: This involves not we need a separate civil law of evidence, I think the law should establish independent evidence, these rules can be included.
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