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May 29 [Tue], 2012, 15:28
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ken griffey jr shoes important position, the Civil Evidence Act to develop a difficult?

soup-dimensional construction: civil law of evidence, expert advice on a draft of less than 5, and are more mature, from a technical point of view no obstacle to legislation, but very difficult to advance the legislation.

Beijing News: Why?

soup-dimensional construction: heavy or substantive law, procedural law, the concept of light, there are Civil Law Civil Law, contract law, property law, tort law, civil law, but so many years, or dry some of the old provisions.

Beijing griffey shoes News: un civil substantive law, procedural law but did not get enough attention, the substantive law provisions will be restricted to achieve it?

Tang Wei Jian: is a serious constraint, and then developed civil substantive law, procedural law, security is not a piece of paper, the provisions of substantive law is nothing more than what you have right, the right to not realize you can not really sense of right, only the shadow of the right.

Beijing News: Enforcement may be separate legislation. Does this allow the court to enforce the right to pay out?

soup-dimensional construction: not yet, it is mandatory system. In terms of executive power separate from the court, I think it is the second step of the reform objectives, the first step of the objectives of the reform is to separate enforcement proceedings.

Beijing News: the executive arm of the court in a number of problems, which have nothing to do with the lack of legislation?

Tang Wei Jian: ken griffey shoes Of course a relationship. For example, the auction, the auction in the enforcement program mentions the word, "the court can seize the property for auction, the sale", no auction process, auction houses, auction rules, auction wrong security benefits, there is no strict control of the rule of law, the auction ring in chaos raw, full of loopholes, corruption is inevitable.
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