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May 24 [Thu], 2012, 12:47
nike air foamposite one really showcased their first flag, appeared in September 1927 led by Mao Zedong himself organized the Autumn Harvest Uprising in the Hunan-Kiangsi border. This new design of the flag surface with a large red cloth production, flag stitched on both sides of a central yellow five-pointed star, the center of the pentacle, a symbol of the workers and peasants painted sickle and hammer. Put the white flag, the words "the first worker-peasant revolutionary army first Army division. "

Communist nike heels  Party of China in the initial period, from semi-feudal society of the actual national conditions, the flag emblem design was specifically designed to "hammer" pattern on behalf of Chinese craftsmen, the "sickle" logo on behalf of farmers. From July 1921 to April 1942 for up to 21 years, the CPC Central Committee and the organizations at all levels have been repeatedly made clear emblem design as a "hammer and sickle" provisions and resolutions. But in the meantime, and because the impact of the Soviet flag, Chinese flag emblem appeared on the pattern of both the "hammer and sickle" and also appeared in "sickle hammer. " During the war years for a long period of time, has been in the flag emblem design changes, non-standard state.

1945 Nian 4 23, the Seventh Chinese National Congress of the Communist Party held in Yanan. The middle of the rostrum curtain, hung the portrait of Mao Zedong and Zhu De. In the portrait below the pattern, the middle is embroidered with the Chinese Communist Party emblem: a hammer sickle, rice and wheat around it. Portrait sides, respectively, with six sides Xiecha embroidered red hammer sickle flag of the Communist Party of China. This is the Chinese Communist Party since its founding has been the previous National Congress of the podium for the first time the erection of official flag, thus ending the party from the "big" to "six" no official flags history nike high heels. 
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