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May 24 [Thu], 2012, 11:17
nike air foamposite one performance of a rigid wage workers do not move resentment, but many people still can not live by wages. N on the light said to me, always pay by the mothers. He was ready to jump to a better place, play the stock market, by strengthening the livelihood security of other income.

scholars describe that countrys rapid economic growth, but the labor compensation share of gross domestic product (GDP) ratio over the past 30 years, from 61% to 39%, ten percentage points lower than in developed countries. Constitute the main contents of the wages of workers compensation, all these years a marked decline in proportion of GDP, official data said that in 2002 the proportion of wages in GDP is 12%, nearly five years I did not find the authoritative data, certainly did not rise or only.

Thus, the community a merry, high-end consumer sites everywhere, but consumers often figure out where the money come from? How many people rely on wage income to maintain the middle class life? Certainly, but it should not be much. Then there are other ways of investment, eating the old, to eat at home. If you find a good unit when the civil service, housing problems are resolved, will be on hand loose points.

cold and flu to grow

social griffeys psychology and therefore more and more impulsive. Side condition that the level of people with their almost, because I do not know how to explain the luck - to enter the job market than their earlier, prices rose in the house before Gouzhi good; or family background, or gray income, corruption, etc. so, life can nourish the results, of course, young inner imbalance. As simple as in the past asking them to stick to their posts become more and more difficult, on the contrary, in the sense of social indifference spread grow. Countries become rich, with little to me; I get is then the point, and head. Ratio becomes smaller.

N know that hard work will certainly pay, but not high prices, high base salary, pay limited significance. He was born after Chinas reform and opening up a generation, they have completely solved the food and clothing, but the space where the next stage of development? He looked, if resources are accounted for by other people first. Housing prices so expensive, earn to buy things, do not know who to go to make, what taxes are siphoned off griffeys 2012 .
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